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Forgetting Something

Forgetting Something?

Sep 22 • No Comments

Ever feel like you're forgetting something important...

Failed Landing Gear

Landing Gear Failure

"Someone's landing gear couldn't hold their load! They didn't put the pin in the second leg, only one of them!" - Teresa...

Sep 22


Truck Driver Appreciation Week On Truck Stop Tuesday!

CDLLife ventured out for 'Truck Stop Tuesday' to hand out free t-shirts in honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week!...

Sep 16

If Trucks Stopped Featured Image

INFOGRAPHIC: If Trucks Stopped…

How fast would the well-oiled machine known as America sputter and stall if truck drivers weren’t bringing us everything we need? This...

Sep 16

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CDLLife Readers’ Dash Camera Recommendations

Sep 17 • No Comments

CDLLife readers frequently ask us for dash camera recommendations. We've polled CDLLife readers and here are their recommendations...

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Driver Editorial: DASHCAMS….Are You Using Them Correctly?

With the plethora of technology available to us as an entire nation, the trucking industry is adapting to using these...

Sep 15

Closer Look: Western Star 5700XE

Closer Look: Western Star 5700XE

Western Star Trucks this week unveiled the all-new 5700XE. ...

Sep 12

Have you ever wondered which Walmart locations allow overnight parking? The app "Overnight Parking Wal mart" created by AllStays, integrates with Google Maps to shows all the Walmart locations in U.S and Canada and tells you if overnight parking is permitted by marking each location with either a yellow "W" or a red "W'.

Truck Driver App: Overnight Parking Walmart

Have you ever wondered which Walmart locations allow overnight parking? The app "Overnight Parking Walmart" created by...

Aug 28