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Mini Big Rigs

Man Creates Pickup-Sized Big Rigs

Feb 4 • 2 Comments on Man Creates Pickup-Sized Big Rigs

A Nashville based truck lover is gaining international attention for his work transforming pickup trucks into mini-semis. Bob Suffern and his all-female team sell...

Truck Stop Grand Reopening

Landmark Truck Stop To Celebrate Grand Reopening

The historic TA truck stop in Hudson, Wisconsin, is celebrating it’s grand reopening this week. Originally opened in July 1969 as...

Feb 1

Optimus Prime

NASCAR Team Owner Buys “Optimus Prime” Truck

NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick is now the proud owner of the 1979 custom Peterbilt that starred as “Optimus Prime” in...

Feb 1

American Trucking Simulator

“American Truck Simulator” Releases Exciting Launch Trailer

In anticipation of the game’s February 3rd launch, American Truck Simulator has released a launch trailer to promote the PC game that...

Jan 29

Technology Technology

Peterbilt Plane Mashup

NASA Creates Peterbilt-Plane Mashup

Jan 21 • No Comments on NASA Creates Peterbilt-Plane Mashup

This video lets you get a closer look at a new project by NASA. This Peterbilt is equipped with a 30-foot airplane wing outfitted with 18 electric motors which NASA...

Mack Approves Renewable Diesel

Mack Says Renewable Diesel Is Fine For All Engines

Following extensive testing, Mack Trucks announced that renewable diesel is approved for use in all of their engines....

Jan 8

Driverless Cars Get In Twice As Many Crashes

Driverless Vehicles Get Into Twice As Many Crashes Because They Always Obey The Law

A disturbing new study found that driverless vehicles are twice as likely as human-manned vehicles to get into a crash....

Dec 29

California Bans Driverless Vehicles

California Bans Driverless Vehicles, Angers Google

California lawmakers released a set of preliminary rules that ban driverless vehicles on their roads yesterday. The new...

Dec 17