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PHOTO: Driver Has The Best View

PHOTO: View From ‘The Office’

Apr 19 • No Comments

Take a look at the view on this driver's route-- it's breathtaking! Do you take pictures on the road? If so, share your favorite one with us! ...

10 Commandments of Trucking

10 Commandments of Trucking

These days it seems that a lot of people lack common sense. We hear from drivers all the time who are complaining about other drivers' bad...

Apr 17

Movie Stereotypes

The 5 Most Unrealistic Trucker Stereotypes In Movies

There are a ton of movies about trucking out there, but not very many of them do a very good job of showing what like is really like on the...

Apr 17

Celebrity Truck Driver

7 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Used To Be Truck Drivers

You’ve probably heard that Elvis spent some time behind the wheel of a truck. But he’s not the only star who can claim trucking...

Apr 17

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GPS units for truck drivers.

Truck Driver Tools: Truck GPS

Apr 19 • No Comments

In light of all the recent truck, GPS mishaps, it's essential that if you're going to invest in a GPS unit, you invest in a truck-specific GPS unit...

Truck Driver App: FEMA Emergency Weather Alerts

Truck Driver App: FEMA Emergency Weather Alerts

FEMA has added several new features to its severe weather app. Check them out here! ...

Apr 14

Screaming Meanie

Oversleep Much? A Screaming Meanie Might Be The Answer

Can you sleep through literally anything? Are you one of those people who says “what storm?” when people...

Apr 10


Truck Driver Gear: Dash Cameras

If you don't have a dash camera, you should. Here are some great options! ...

Apr 6