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Workplace Violence Warning Signs

7 Workplace Violence Warning Signs You Should Know

The tragedy that struck Knight Transportation in Texas yesterday goes to reinforce the fact that no industry, trucking included, is… Read more »

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Explosive Device Discovered Under Texas Bridge

Explosive Device Discovered Under Texas Bridge

Authorities discovered an explosive device under a bridge in Central Texas last night. Explosive Device Found Under Farm To Market… Read more »

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Truck Spins Out Car On Merge Ramp

VIDEO: Truck Spins Out Car On Merge Ramp

According to the video description: “This accident occurred on the I-285 E to I-75 S merge ramp at the I-285… Read more »

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Hero Dump Truck Driver Swerved To Avoid Children

Residents Say Hero Dump Truck Driver Swerved To Avoid Children

Residents of an Olathe, Kansas, neighborhood say that a dump truck driver saved the lives of a group of children… Read more »

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Truck Backs Into Parked Car

VIDEO: Truck Backs Into Parked Car

The trucker in this video gets himself into a tight spot with a parked car. Video Credit: Pete Macca

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Shooting at Texas Trucking Company

Two Dead Following Shooting At Texas Trucking Company

Two people died this morning at a Texas trucking company as a result of a disgruntled employee shooting. The shooting… Read more »

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Concrete Truck Driver Ends Road Rage Incident With His Boot

VIDEO: Truck Driver Ends Road Rage Incident With His Boot

We bet this motorist will think twice before approaching a truck driver like that again. Video Credit: Tim

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Redbox New Releases May

Redbox New Releases: May

Stretch your entertainment budget with May’s biggest new movies for a very little price at your nearest Redbox! Regression A… Read more »

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Biggest Trucking Companies Outsource Large Percentage Of Freight To Smaller Carriers

Study: The Biggest Trucking Companies Outsource A Huge Percentage Of Freight

A new study revealed that the thirteen largest North American trucking companies — including J.B. Hunt Transportation Services, YRC Freight,… Read more »

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Dash Cammer Has To Chase Trucker After Hit And Run Crash

VIDEO: Trucker Has To Chase Down Big Rig That Hit Him

Watch as a truck hits the dash cammer’s rig and then takes off, forcing the dash cammer to pursue him… Read more »

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American Trucker Angered Over Facebook Meme

“American Trucker” Angered By Facebook Meme

The host of the popular reality series “American Trucker” is angered by the use of his image in a controversial… Read more »

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Arizona Lowers Speed Limit On I-10 Because of Dust Storm Crashes

Arizona Drops I-10 Speed Limit Because Of Dust Storm Crashes

Arizona transportation officials have dropped the speed limit on a stretch of I-10 from 75 m.p.h. to 45 m.p.h. after… Read more »

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Hundreds Of Thousands Of Truck Drivers Face Pension Cuts

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Truckers Face Crippling Pension Cuts

By the end of this week, the U.S. Treasury will decide the fate of hundreds of thousands of retired and… Read more »

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Netflix New Releases May

Netflix New Releases: May

The time has come for another round of new releases from Netflix. See what’s heading to your device in May!… Read more »

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Truck Ban

Trucks Banned On Kentucky Roadway

The nearly 800 trucks that travel Kentucky’s KY 151 will need to find a new route.

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Honda Driver Gives Trucker A Major Headache

VIDEO: Honda Driver Gives Trucker A Major Headache

After this Honda driver turns right on red without seeming to notice the big truck headed straight for her, she… Read more »

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Fatal Hit and Run Crash in Vernon California

Police Seek Trucker Who Detached Trailer And Fled After Fatal Crash

California police are the on the lookout for a truck driver who reportedly fled the scene after colliding with a… Read more »

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Terrifying Truck Vs. Truck Head On Close Call

VIDEO: Terrifying Two Truck Head On Collision Narrowly Averted

Watch as an oncoming tractor trailer drifts into another truck’s lane, causing a terrifying close call with the dash camming… Read more »

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Clueless Pickup Truck Driver Gets Crunched By 18 Wheeler

VIDEO: Blind Pickup Truck Driver Pulls Out In Front Of 18 Wheeler

Watch as a pickup truck driver appears to ignore his stop sign and an oncoming 18 wheeler — and gets… Read more »

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Mail Truck Crashes Off Of South Carolina Bridge

Trucker To Face Charges After Running Off Bridge

A truck driver will face charges after losing control of his rig and driving off a bridge into a South… Read more »

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Your Furniture Is Here

VIDEO: Your Furniture Is Here!

Watch what happens when a parked furniture truck suddenly started to roll backwards down a steep hill, striking a car… Read more »

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Truck Driver Song: Terrance Mathis’s “Truckersville”

Take a listen as the Singing Trucker Terrance Mathis gives Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” the trucker treatment with “Truckersville”! Video Credit:… Read more »

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Truck Overturns On Ramp

VIDEO: Truck Takes A Tumble On Ramp

Two trucks switch lanes a couple of times, then one of them takes a ramp quickly and overturns. Video Credit:… Read more »

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Truck Driver Murdered In Houston

Trucker Murdered On Gulf Freeway In Houston

A truck driver was shot and killed on the Gulf Freeway in Houston early this morning. Truck Driver Shot In… Read more »

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Crane Truck Loading Fail

VIDEO: Crane/Truck Loading Fail

This attempt to load a crashed car onto a truck with a crane does not go well. Video Credit: DailyPicksandFlicks

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Bedazzled Truck

PHOTO: Bedazzled Truck

This truck is quite a sight. Image Credit: orbesomebodysfool

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12 Vehicle Pileup During Dust Storm on I-10

12 Vehicle Dust Storm Pileup Involves Semi, Fire Truck, DPS Vehicle

Twelve vehicles were involved in a pileup on I-10 near San Simon, Arizona,¬†yesterday during a dust storm. DPS Vehicle, Fire… Read more »

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Nebraska State Troopers Conduct Another Surprise Truck Inspection Blitz

Nebraska Springs Second Surprise Truck Inspection Spree In Three Days

Just two days after one major surprise truck inspection spree, Nebraska State Troopers conducted another one yesterday — with similar… Read more »

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Tow Truck Driver Vs. Off Duty Cop

VIDEO: Ugly Confrontation Between Tow Truck Driver And Off Duty Cop

Things get heated when a tow truck driver tries to tow away a pickup that’s blocking the sidewalk — only… Read more »

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Foods To Boost Heart Health

7 Foods To Eat To Boost Heart Health

Heart disease is a major threat to the health of commercial vehicle drivers. While you can’t change everything about the… Read more »

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TDOT Worker Killed By Trucker Who Violated Move Over Law

Police: TDOT Worker Killed, Three Injured, When Truck Driver Violated “Move Over” Law

A truck driver is being investigated for criminal negligence for his role in a crash that killed a Tennessee Department… Read more »

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VIDEO: NHTSA’s Powerful #JustDrive PSA

The dangers of distracted driving are laid out in the NHTSA’s visually powerful #JustDrive PSA video. Video Credit: USDOTNHTSA  

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Maryland Police Use Dump Trucks To Catch Distracted Drivers

Maryland Police Use Dump Trucks To Nab Texting Drivers

Police in Maryland used dump trucks to spot texting drivers during a distracted driving enforcement operation on I-95 yesterday. Operation… Read more »

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Prius Cuts Off Truck From Shoulder

VIDEO: Prius Cuts Off Trucker From Shoulder

In this unusual video, a Prius driver manages to wedge himself in front of a trucker, cutting him off and… Read more »

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Motorist Falls Asleep And Rear Ends Truck

VIDEO: Motorist Falls Asleep And Rear Ends Truck

In this video, the dash cammer reportedly falls asleep and slams into the back of a truck. Video Credit: ViralHog

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Snapchat Sued For Speed Filter

Snapchat “Speed Filter” Blamed For Teen’s 107 MPH Crash

A popular social media app called Snapchat is being blamed in a lawsuit for tempting a teen to drive well… Read more »

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Stolen Flatbed Police Chase

VIDEO: Florida Police Release Wild Flatbed Truck Pursuit Dash Cam Footage

Doral police have released incredible dash cam footage of their pursuit of a stolen flatbed truck hauling a forklift on… Read more »

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Wired Says Trucking Is About To Become Even Less Fun

Wired: Truck Driving Is About To Become Even Less Fun

A new article in Wired magazine explores how self-driving trucks probably won’t put truckers out of a job — but… Read more »

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Nebraska Surprise Truck Inspection Blitz

Nebraska State Police Conduct Surprise Truck Inspection Blitz

Nebraska State Troopers teamed up with police in Lincoln to conduct a surprise semi truck inspection blitz yesterday. Inspectors Placed… Read more »

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Big Rig Vs. Big Rig Rear End Crash

VIDEO: One Big Rig Rear Ends Another

Take a look at this two-truck rear end collision captured on dash cam! Video Credit: phillberto

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Retain New Truck Drivers 90 Days To Drop Truck Driver Turnover By Half

ATA: Retain Truck Drivers For Just 90 Days For Impressive Turnover Reduction

The American Trucking Association says that if carriers could hold onto new truck drivers for a mere 90 days, overall… Read more »

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Trucker Brake Checks Another Big Rig

VIDEO: Truck Driver Brake Checks Another Big Rig, Causes Crash

Take a look at this truck driver’s dash cam video, which appears to show a big rig passing him on… Read more »

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Fatal Crash Ruled Suicide by Truck

Fatal Crash Ruled Suicide By Truck

Police have determined that a fatal wrong way car vs. tractor trailer crash that happened on Monday night in western… Read more »

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New Jersey Cop Pulls Over Trucker For Speeding

VIDEO: New Jersey Cop Pulls Over Trucker For Speeding, And Then…

Take a look at police dash cam from April 25 when New Jersey police stop a truck for speeding only… Read more »

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Truckers Box In Road Rager To Save Family

Truckers Box In Road Rager To Protect Family On The Highway

Truckers worked together to box in a road raging Subaru driver who was threatening a family of three on I-70… Read more »

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Hollywood's Jackknife King

VIDEO: Meet Hollywood’s “Jackknife King”

This interview features Hollywood legend¬†George Sack, nicknamed the “Jackknife King” for his ability to jackknife a truck at high speeds… Read more »

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Four Wheeler Almost Hits Connecticut State Trooper

VIDEO: Car Trying To Squeeze Past Truck Almost Hits Trooper

Watch as an impatient four wheeler tries to squeeze his way past a truck — and comes dangerously close to… Read more »

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Volvo Recall

Nearly 1,000 Recalled Volvos Unaccounted For

According to a statement from the FMCSA, nearly 1,000 Volvo trucks affected by the recall remain unaccounted for.

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Truck T-bones Pickup In Icy Intersection

VIDEO: Truck T-Bones Pickup In Icy Intersection

Watch as at truck attempts to complete a turn in an icy intersection only to t-bone a pickup that can’t… Read more »

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Trucker Turnover On The Rise

Trucker Turnover Hits Five Year High Mark

According to new data released by the American Trucking Association, trucker turnover has hit a five year high mark. Trucker… Read more »

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