VIDEO: Truck Ripped Apart During Tow

Video Credit: videohahahas

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Darrell Wallace Jr. Aims To Transcend NASCAR

Apr 17 • No Comments

20 year-old, Darrell Wallace Jr. is the first African-American to win a NASCAR race since the 1960’s!...

California Sunset

Photo: California Sunset

A beautiful sunset as I stop for the night...

Apr 16


Dump Truck Driver’s Advice To Motorists

This dump truck driver has a little piece of advice for the motorists behind him!...

Apr 15


MEME: Hooray I’m Helping!

We got a chuckle out of this clever little meme!...

Apr 14

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Huntington City Street Department Adds New Truck to Fleet

App Review: Big Road FREE Truck Driver Log Book

Apr 14 • 2 Comments

Hate the paperwork that goes along with being a driver? Big Road Inc. has created an app that allows you concentrate more on the road and less about paperwork. It...

Video: MoDOT Unveils Attention-Grabbing Tool

Video: MoDOT Unveils Attention-Grabbing Tool

The Long-Range Acoustic Device, LRAD, is a "high-intensity directional caustic hailer" It emits a loud siren, along...

Apr 8


Dash Cam Review: HP f200-f210HD

Looking for an affordable, good-quality dash camera? Look no further than the HP f200 or the HP f210. This camera has...

Mar 31

In-Cab Security System Offers Drivers Peace of Mind

In-Cab Security System Offers Drivers Peace of Mind

Safety is an increasing concern for many drivers. Sleeptite has designed a new InCab Security System that is designed...

Mar 29

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