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No Shave November

CDLLife No Shave November 2014

Oct 21 • No Comments

It's that time of the year again! No Shave November! To raise cancer awareness, we're having 'No Shave' contests for both NEW and EXISTING beards!...

Cabellas Load

CDLLife Readers Haul Interesting Freight

This weekend, we asked our readers to tell us about the most interesting freight they'd ever hauled. - We were not disappointed!...

Oct 20

Road Jams

CDLLife Truckin’ Tunes | Spotify Playlist

CDLLife Truckin' Tunes | Spotify Playlist...

Oct 20

Put The Phone Down & Drive

Put The Phone Down & Drive!

This driver says what we're all thinking: "Put The Phone Down & Drive."...

Oct 20

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Dash Cameras

Video: Best Dash Cameras for Night Driving

Oct 21 • No Comments

Here's a look at a few dash cameras that offer superior night-drivng visibility...

Video: Volvo Trucks Develops Technology That Offers 360 Degree Scanning

Video: Volvo Trucks Develops Technology That Offers 360 Degree Scanning

Volvo Trucks has developed technology that will do a 360 degree can of a truck's surroundings. Volvo says the...

Oct 9


Truck Driver App: RoadBreakers

An overnight truck parking app has been developed by former truck drivers and is now available on iTunes. ...

Oct 9


Rand McNally TNDTM 760 Now Features Drivewyze PreClear

"Fleets can take full advantage of the time savings available with mobile-based weigh station bypass on Rand McNally's...

Oct 7