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VuQube Satellite TV for Trucks

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Truck Driver Satellite TV Systems

The VuQube V10 Truck Satellite TV System – available now at Amazon

Ready for some entertainment, truck drivers? We know you like your off hours relaxing, but sometimes you just don’t feel like socializing during down time. You’d rather just kick back in the cab with a good movie or watch the game. We hear you.

VuQube is one of the most popular solutions to in cab entertainment out there. Although it’s quite an investment, it also works quite well.

It also works with a variety of satellite TV providers, including Dish Network, DirecTV, Bell ExpressVU, or Free-to-Air receivers.

Get the Quick Reference Guide for the VuQube V10 system

The User Manual for the VuQube V20 system

User Manual and Installation for VuQube V30 Satellite System

The VuQube enables you to receive satellite programming anywhere you park your cab with a clear view of the southern sky, opening up hundreds of digital TV channels and radio stations. It’s the first mobile satellite antenna built for trucks. Mounting systems like the optional MB100 are made to fit most trucks with strength and a small footprint. It’s designed to enable rapid acquisition of signal when your truck is parked.


Satellite TV for truck drivers

Features of the VuQube Satellite TV System for Trucks:

  • It has a remote control to set the elevation and rotation of the dish without even leaving your truck – you press the “find” button and it finds the satellite signal on its own
  • It’s enclosed in a weatherproof cube so that you can permanently and easily mount it on your rig
  • No more wasting time setting up, raising and aligning a large dish system
  • Use your existing satellite provider (if you already have satellite TV at home.)  Just activate one more receiver on your account!
  • Can choose plan with the uncut movie channels (HBO, ShowTime, etc.)
  • Can subscribe to “packages” like the NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB, etc.
  • It can pick up the signal for 360 degrees around your rig if you are able to install it with 3-4 inches of it above the cab.  However, even if you have to install it flush with the roof height, you can still watch TV if your park the rig facing east, west, or north when you stop.

Here are some items you may need to get started with the installation in your truck. You can also view the entire satellite TV product line at Amazon here if you wish.


Truck Driver Satellite TV Mount

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