American Truck Driver Documentary

Video: Long Haul, American Truck Driving Documentary

Jan 17 • Entertainment • 514 Views • 50 Comments

The truck driving culture has long captivated audiences and has been the plot of many popular movies and songs over the years.

“Long Haul” is a documentary that aims to bring awareness the what the film calls “the neglected American profession.”

“Our documentary movie, ‘Long-Haul Trucker,’ is the over due, in your face, wake up call America needs. As the country moves forward, reliance on the trucking industry and truckers particularly, will be ramping up. It is high time that appreciation for truckers is ramped up too,” the documentary’s website states.  

The documentary takes a probing look at current regulations, stereotypes, the DOT and the life and struggles of the American driver.  The film attempts to call attention to the importance of the industry and America’s reliance on the profession– the backbone of our nation.

Do you agree with the ways the trucking industry is depicted in this film?


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