6 Symptoms Of Sciatica That Truck Drivers Should Know

6 Symptoms Of Sciatica That Truck Drivers Should Know

“My sciatica is acting up again.” Stick around in trucking long enough and you’ll probably hear this statement — either… Read more »

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Study: Too Much Or Too Little Sleep Increases Diabetes Risks For Men

Study: Too Much Or Too Little Sleep Increases Diabetes Risks For Men

A recent study by European researchers found that men who sleep too much or too little are at increased risk… Read more »

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6 Strange Symptoms Of Vitamin Deficiency

6 Unexpected Signs That You May Have A Vitamin Deficiency

When you’re on the road, getting healthy food can be a challenge. Truck stops are filled with junk food, and… Read more »

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Sleep Apnea Testing Costly For Truck Drivers

Survey: Suspected Sleep Apnea Is Costly For Truckers

A new survey released by the American Transportation Research Institute says that sleep apnea screening can cost thousands of dollars —… Read more »

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Top 9 Reasons Trucker Quit Their Jobs

Top 9 Reasons That Truck Drivers Leave Their Jobs

A recent study performed by HireRight quizzed truck drivers on why they decided to quit their jobs. Here are the… Read more »

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Workplace Violence Warning Signs

7 Workplace Violence Warning Signs You Should Know

The tragedy that struck Knight Transportation in Texas yesterday goes to reinforce the fact that no industry, trucking included, is… Read more »

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Foods To Boost Heart Health

7 Foods To Eat To Boost Heart Health

Heart disease is a major threat to the health of commercial vehicle drivers. While you can’t change everything about the… Read more »

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Allergy-Proof Your Truck

Driving With Allergies Is Dangerous — Here’s How To Allergy-Proof Your Truck

You may think that driving with a constant sneeze or itchy eyes caused by seasonal allergies is no big deal,… Read more »

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Genius Uses For Table Salt

8 Genius Uses For Table Salt

Most people think table salt is just for spicing up bland food, but there are some really good (and totally… Read more »

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Surprising Health Benefits Of Donating Blood

5 Surprising Ways That Donating Blood Is Good For You

Most people think that you donate blood to help others — but did you know that when you donate blood,… Read more »

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Untreated Sleep Apnea Linked To Increased Number Of Crashes

Study: Untreated Sleep Apnea Dramatically Increases Crash Rate

A study released today shows that untreated sleep apnea is linked to a dramatic increase in serious preventable crashes. Untreated Sleep… Read more »

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Sleep With Me Podcast

Fight Insomnia With “Sleep With Me” Podcast

If you ever struggle to sleep because racing thoughts and nagging worries keep you awake, consider giving the “Sleep With… Read more »

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Study: Too Much Or Too Little Sleep Increases Diabetes Risks For Men

8 Foods That Increase The Quality Of Your Sleep

As a trucker, a restful night’s sleep is not just a luxury — it is essential for keeping you and… Read more »

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Weird Things That Can Change Your Body Odor

Five Weird Things That Can Change Your Body Odor

No matter how much you shower, when you’re stuck by yourself in a truck for days or weeks at a… Read more »

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6 Symptoms Of Sciatica That Truck Drivers Should Know

5 Quick Workouts To Fight Knee Pain

If you’re a truck driver, chances are you have at least a little bit of trouble with your knees. The… Read more »

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Foods To Fight High Blood Pressure

7 Foods That Can Help Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

It’s every truck driver’s nightmare — having to turn in the keys to your truck because your blood pressure is… Read more »

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Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

4 Overlooked Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

Being on the road for days, weeks, or months at a time can make romantic relationships tough. Many trucking couples… Read more »

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Shorter, More Frequent Workouts

It All Adds Up: The Benefits Of Breaking Up Your Workouts

In an ideal world, you’d be able to make it to the gym to work out for a full hour… Read more »

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Zika Facts

Zika Virus “Spreading Explosively”: 9 Facts You Should Know

Public health officials all over the world are alarmed about the spread of the Zika virus. The headlines about the… Read more »

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Home Time Increases Driver Productivity

Study: Extra Home Time Improves Driver Productivity And Performance

A new study from Stay Metrics says that not only does more home time help truckers drive better, it also… Read more »

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Trucker Beards Keep You Healthy

The Weird Way Your Beard Might Be Keeping You Healthy

The word “clean” is probably not the first thing you think of when you see a trucker’s beard — but… Read more »

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6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

There are a lot of reasons to skip breakfast. You don’t have the time. You don’t have the money. You’re… Read more »

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6 Strange Symptoms Of Vitamin Deficiency

6 Unexpected Reasons That You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

There are a lot of reasons to skip breakfast. You don’t have the time. You don’t have the money. You’re… Read more »

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Dog Flu

Dog Flu: 10 Things Drivers With Furry Copilots Need To Know

Canine influenza — or dog flu — has been found in dogs for the past several years, but a new… Read more »

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Cough Warning Signs

When Should You Worry About Your Cough?

This time of year, it seems like almost everyone has a cough — and once you catch a cough, it… Read more »

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Sneaky Signs Of Diabetes

6 Sneaky Signs That You Might Be Developing Diabetes

This month’s viral video showing an officer risking his life to save a truck driver experiencing a diabetic episode has… Read more »

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Slow Cooker Tips

5 Slow Cooker Tips That Every Driver Who Cooks In Their Truck Needs Now

For truck drivers who are interested in saving money and eating healthy, a slow cooker can be an essential tool… Read more »

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Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs

Sudden Cardiac Arrest May Have Warning Signs — But Most People Ignore Them

A new study suggests that “sudden” cardiac arrest may actually be accompanied by weeks of warning signs — and if… Read more »

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Raynaud's Syndrome

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Raynaud’s Syndrome

If you’re a truck driver, odds are fairly good that you suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome — and you might not… Read more »

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Preventing Heart Disease In 2 Steps

Heart Failure Symptoms You Can’t Ignore

Approximately 5.1 million Americans suffer from heart failure. Sadly, half of those diagnosed will die within 5 years of diagnosis.

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Kissing Bug

Keep Disease-Spreading Kissing Bugs Away From Your Truck

An insect called the “kissing bug” which can spread a potentially deadly disease has made its way from Mexico and… Read more »

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Single Crockpot Turkey Dinner

VIDEO: Cook An Entire Turkey Dinner In One Crockpot

Learn how to make a potato, veggie, and — of course — turkey feast all in a single crockpot! Video… Read more »

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Unexpected Uses For Toothpaste

7 Unexpected Uses For Toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of those things all truck drivers always have on hand — and it can really help you… Read more »

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Meals For 18 Wheels Helps Provide Drivers With Warm Meals

Cook Thanksgiving Feast In Your Truck

If you’re going to be on the road this Thanksgiving but still want to enjoy a home cooked Thanksgiving meal, it’s easy to make in your truck!

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Dangerous Energy Drink

Researchers: Common Energy Drink Could Prove Dangerous

A cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic is warning the public of the potential dangers of drinking “Rockstar Punched” energy drinks…. Read more »

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Tips To Avoid Food Poisoning

8 Sneaky Tricks To Keep You From Getting Food Poisoning At Restaurants

Ever get a strange feeling that everything might not be up to snuff at that 24-hour diner you stop at… Read more »

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Quitting Diet Soda

9 Crazy Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Diet soda is one of the most common go-to drinks for truck drivers. It usually contains caffeine — always a… Read more »

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Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes: Tasty, Healthy Recipes For Truckers That You Can Make For Almost Free

Are you broke? Do you like to eat? Then we’ve found the cooking blog for you. So many food blogs… Read more »

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Sitting Isn't So Bad For Truck Drivers

Researchers: Sitting Isn’t Actually That Bad For You

Remember back when the researchers suggested that truck drivers might be doomed to an early death because sitting all day… Read more »

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Unexpected Side Effects Of Weight Loss

8 Weird Side Effects Of Losing Weight

Because of the trucking lifestyle — fast food, lots of sitting, and little time to exercise — many truck drivers… Read more »

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Active Trucker App

Truck Driver App: Active Trucker Phase 1 & Phase 2

If you’re looking for help getting into shape, the new Active Trucker app may be the answer. The Fitness Guru… Read more »

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Signs You May Be Having A Stroke

VIDEO: F.A.S.T. Test For Strokes

If you know the warning signs and can catch a stroke early on, it’s possible to prevent serious or permanent damage. For example, if you get quick enough treatment, you may temporarily lose the ability to speak, or have partial or complete weakness in a limb, but you’ll recover in time.

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Waiting To Go

How Long Can You Hold It? 6 Facts Truckers Need To Know About Waiting To Go

The average person urinates 8 to 10 times every day. The average trucker is another story. Let’s face it. One… Read more »

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Gallbladder Attacks: 7 Symptoms Truckers Need To Know

Your gallbladder is just a little sac that stores bile. You’d never know it was there — unless something went… Read more »

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Soda Harms Heart Health

Study: Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Hurt Your Heart

A new study from Harvard gives truck drivers a new reason to avoid sugary sodas and energy drinks — they… Read more »

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QuikTrip Tests Sit-Down Truck Stop Restaurant

QuikTrip is testing out a new in-store sit-down restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The chain quietly opened the QT Kitchens pilot… Read more »

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Flu Shot

6 Facts Truck Drivers Need To Know About Flu Shots

Nothing is worse than being sick behind the wheel, but is a flu shot the answer? A surprise strain of… Read more »

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Caffeine Powder

FDA Warns That Powdered Caffeine Is Potentially Lethal

After 2 otherwise healthy young men died, the FDA has sent warning letters to 5 powdered caffeine manufacturers warning them to make their products safer or risk product seizure and shutdown.

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Heart Health Awareness Month

September Is Truck Driver Health Awareness Month

Progressive wants to help truck drivers get in shape and get healthy!

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COPD: Signs and Symptoms All Truckers Should Know

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive illness that makes it hard to breathe. It is usually caused by cigarette smoking, but truck drivers are susceptible because air pollution, chemical fumes, and dust are all linked to developing COPD.

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