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"Move Over, It's The Law"

VIDEO: “Move Over, It’s The Law”

This video from Christopher E. Fiffie is a good reminder about why all drivers need to move over to protect law… Read more »

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Ohio State Trooper Dash Cam Captures Shocking "Move Over" Crash

VIDEO: Ohio State Trooper Dash Cam Captures Shocking “Move Over” Crash

Watch as a motorist fails to move over for an Ohio State Trooper performing a traffic stop and slams into… Read more »

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Out Of Control Semi Slams Into Michigan State Trooper

VIDEO: Out Of Control Semi Slams Into Michigan State Trooper

Michigan State Police have released video of a crash that almost cost a trooper his life in order to remind… Read more »

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Pickup Bounces Off Disabled Semi's Tire Into Traffic

VIDEO: Pickup Bounces Off Disabled Semi’s Tire Into Traffic

A pickup fails to move over for a disabled semi hooked up to a tow truck, bouncing off the truck’s tires… Read more »

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Ohio State Trooper Hit By Truck

Trucker Charged For Crashing Into Ohio State Trooper

A truck driver has been charged after crashing into a parked Ohio State Trooper yesterday. Truck Hit Ohio State Trooper… Read more »

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Utah Highway Patrol Slow Down Move Over

VIDEO: Utah Highway Patrol’s “Slow Down, Move Over” Compilation

The Utah Highway Patrol has created a compilation video of close calls to highlight the importance of slowing down and… Read more »

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Move Over And Slow Down

VIDEO: Connecticut Police Release Terrifying “Move Over And Slow Down” Footage

This horrifying dash cam footage Connecticut State Police shows two bystanders who are lucky to be alive after a speeding… Read more »

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Move Over Utah

VIDEO: Utah Highway Patrol Shares Road Shoulder Crash Compilation Video

To encourage drivers to move over for emergency vehicles, the Utah Highway Patrol has released a shocking video showcasing vehicles crashes on the shoulder of the road.

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Move Over Close Call

VIDEO: Kansas Trooper Nearly Hit By Truck During Traffic Stop

Kansas Trooper Tod KHP Hays posted this terrifying video to Facebook showing his incredible close encounter with a truck during a traffic stop!

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Ms. Manners One Of Those D

Ms. Manners: One Of Those Days

Today was one of those days, and I found myself broken down on the side of the road. So there I am with my flashers on, with my three triangles properly placed and the hood open.

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Ohio Move Over Law

Ohio Pushes To Remind Drivers To Move Over

This month, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is making a big push to remind motorists about Ohio’s Move Over Law.

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