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Michigan To Raise Speed Limits To 75 MPH

Michigan To Raise Speed Limits To 75 MPH

Yesterday lawmakers in Michigan approved legislation that will raise the speed limits on some roads to 75 m.p.h. Governor Rick… Read more »

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Trooper Gives Motorist Ticket For Driving The Speed Limit

VIDEO: Trooper Gives Motorist Ticket For Driving The Speed Limit

Watch as a motorist’s dash cam records a bizarre incident in which he is pulled over and ticketed for driving… Read more »

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TxDOT To Drop I-10 Speed Limit To 65

TxDOT To Drop I-10 Speed Limit To 65 Near Beaumont

The Texas Department of Transportation announced that they will drop the speed limit from 75 m.p.h. to 65 m.p.h. on… Read more »

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Arizona Lowers Speed Limit On I-10 Because of Dust Storm Crashes

Arizona Drops I-10 Speed Limit Because Of Dust Storm Crashes

Arizona transportation officials have dropped the speed limit on a stretch of I-10 from 75 m.p.h. to 45 m.p.h. after… Read more »

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Driverless Cars Get In Twice As Many Crashes

Driverless Vehicles Get Into Twice As Many Crashes Because They Always Obey The Law

A disturbing new study found that driverless vehicles are twice as likely as human-manned vehicles to get into a crash…. Read more »

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Winter Driving

Idaho ‘Break-Up’ Speed Limit For CMVs Now In Effect

Heads up, Idaho drivers.

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Maine Turnpike Speed Limit Increase Now in Effect

Maine Turnpike Increased Speed Limit Now In Effect

Starting today, the Maine Turnpike maximum speed limit increased by 5-10 mph in select areas.

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Viral Video "Speed Kills Your Pocket Book" and increase of BC's highway speed limit to 120 km/hr

Viral Video: “Speed Kills… Your Pocketbook”

Viral video sparks discussion about whether or not “speed Kills.”

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No Go For Trucks

Idaho’s Increased Speed Limits To Begin July 1

“Car drivers may soon be able to zip around Idaho roads more quickly…leaving trucks in their dust,” the Idaho Department of Transportation said in a press release.

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Interstate 75

Florida Bill To Increase Speed Limits – Vetoed

Just days following the funeral of state trooper Chelsea Richard, a bill (SB 392) allowing drivers to drive 75 miles per hour on Florida highways has been vetoed by Governor, Rick Scott.

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Michigan To Raise Speed Limits To 75 MPH

Proposed Bill Would Increase Florida Speed Limits

Florida’s maximum speed limits may soon get a boost.

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Increased Speed Limit

Illinois Governor Signs Bill To Increase Speed Limits On Rural Roads

On Monday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill that will increase the speed limit on rural interstates from 65 to 70 miles per hour.

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Ohio Speed Limit Reaches 70, But Watch Your Speedometer

Watch your speed.

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Utah May Increase Highway Speeds 2013

Utah May Increase Freeway Speed Limits

Utah lawmakers are considering making freeway speeds higher for 4 wheelers which may make things more difficult for truck drivers soon.

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85 MPH Road Opens

Everything Is Bigger And Faster In Texas As 85 MPH Highway Opens

Will you use this highway?

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