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Tanker Truck Rollover Caught On Police Dash Cam

VIDEO: Tanker Truck Rollover Caught On Police Dash Cam

As an Oregon police officer pulls over an RV, his dash cam captures a tanker truck overturning on a sharp… Read more »

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Trooper Gives Motorist Ticket For Driving The Speed Limit

VIDEO: Trooper Gives Motorist Ticket For Driving The Speed Limit

Watch as a motorist’s dash cam records a bizarre incident in which he is pulled over and ticketed for driving… Read more »

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Oklahoma State Trooper Tries To Pull Over Speeding Trucker

Oklahoma Trooper Rear Ended By Truck Driver Who Refused To Stop

An Oklahoma State Trooper was rear ended by a truck this afternoon while he attempted to pull the truck over… Read more »

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Cop Admits To Being A Jerk

VIDEO: Cop Admits He Was A Jerk After Trucker Tells Him He’s On Camera

This trucker comes to realize the power of his dash cam after a cop performing a traffic stop gets testy… Read more »

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Fake North Carolina State Trooper

Fake State Trooper Making Traffic Stops In North Carolina

A North Carolina sheriff has issued a warning about a man impersonating a State Trooper who is performing traffic stops… Read more »

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PA Trooper Shot

Trooper Shot, School Bus Catches Fire On I-676 In Philadelphia

I-676 was a chaotic┬áscene this morning as a Pennsylvania State Trooper was shot and a school bus was completely engulfed… Read more »

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Traffic Stop Close Call

VIDEO: Epic Close Call During Traffic Stop

Watch as this routine traffic stop turns terrifying as a motorist loses control and almost hits the police officer! Video… Read more »

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Cop Vs. Safety Trucker

VIDEO: Cop Berates Trucker For Choosing A Safe Place To Pull Over

“You don’t decide where to stop. I do,” says this angry cop as he berates a truck driver for waiting to pull over until he feels it is safe!

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Move Over Close Call

VIDEO: Kansas Trooper Nearly Hit By Truck During Traffic Stop

Kansas Trooper Tod KHP Hays posted this terrifying video to Facebook showing his incredible close encounter with a truck during a traffic stop!

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