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Maybe The Happiest Russian Trucking Video Of All Time

VIDEO: Maybe The Happiest Russian Trucking Video Of All Time

Many of the trucking videos coming out of Russia capture brutal crashes, extremely nasty weather, and insane acts of road… Read more »

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Man Steals Semi Just To Prove That He Can Drive It

Man Steals Semi Just To Prove That He Can Drive It

A Tennessee man who has been arrested for stealing a semi admitted that he did it just to prove that… Read more »

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Pedestrian Can't See Or Hear Fire Truck

VIDEO: Pedestrian Can’t See Or Hear Fire Truck

An Toronto pedestrian faceplants into a firetruck with its lights on and sirens blaring. Video Credit: Toronto Roadcams Dash Cam Videos

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Teleportation Or A Very Lucky Pedestrian?

VIDEO: Teleportation Or A Very Lucky Pedestrian?

Some viewers of this video believe that it is proof that teleportation exists — but most reasonable people agree that… Read more »

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WTF? Wrong Way Truck

VIDEO: WTF? Wrong Way Truck

Footage from CDLLife reader Ira Jaffe‘s dash cam on I-80 in Iowa. Video Credit: Ira Jaffe

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Driver Gets A Scare From Wrong-Way Semi

VIDEO: Driver Gets A Scare From Wrong-Way Semi

Get the dash cammer a fresh pair of boxers. Video Credit: Streamable

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Watch What This Guy Does When He Locks Himself Out Of His Truck

VIDEO: Watch What This Guy Does When He Locks Himself Out Of His Truck

This might not be the best solution. Video Credit: Vato Rifado

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Truck's Load Seems Slightly Unbalanced

VIDEO: Truck’s Load Seems Slightly Unbalanced

The pedestrians seem to have no idea how much danger they are in. Video Credit: Strada

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Wait! Come Back!

VIDEO: Wait! Come Back!

Take a look as truckers film a truly unusual sight — four runaway train cars with the lonely engine in… Read more »

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Pallet Trailer Surprise

VIDEO: Pallet Trailer Surprise

Wait for it… Video Credit:  L-Lviewer

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Sinkhole Swallows Truck Headfirst

VIDEO: Sinkhole Swallows Truck Headfirst

In this frightening video captured in Turkey, a sinkhole suddenly devours a truck headfirst as workers look on. Video Credit:… Read more »

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Shower Thoughts On Trucking

17 Of The Most Baffling “Shower Thoughts” About Trucking

You know how when you’re standing in the shower, your mind can start to wander into some pretty weird, random… Read more »

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A truck fails on a right turn

VIDEO: Right Turn Fail

A driver tries to make a right turn and gets hung up on the sidewalk. Any advice for this driver?

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Loader Moves Illegally Parked Cars

VIDEO: Loader Removes Illegally Parked Cars

According to the video description, these illegally parked cars were blocking the entrance to a construction site — though not… Read more »

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Out Of Control Truck In Median

VIDEO: Trucker Has Terrifying Encounter With Big Rig In Median

In this video, a trucker’s dash cam captures another truck losing control, leaving the road, and rushing towards him in… Read more »

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Motorist Sandwiched Between Two Trucks Rages

VIDEO: Insane Motorist Rages When Sandwiched Between Two Trucks

Watch as a motorist displays bizarre behavior after he is sandwiched between two trucks who refuse to let him pass…. Read more »

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Truck Hits Cop

VIDEO: Shocking! Sheriff Run Over By 18 Wheeler, Survives

This video was released by the Preble County Sheriff’s Office. The video shows Sheriff Captain Brad Moore directing traffic near an accident… Read more »

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Canadian Highway Crash

VIDEO: Out Of Control Car Hits Truck Head On

In this video, a motorist loses control on a Canadian highway, sending his car crashing nearly head on with a… Read more »

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DIY Off Ramp

VIDEO: Tennessee Four-Wheelers Make Their Own Off Ramp

When the Signal Mountain off ramp on Tennessee’s Highway 27 was closed for the afternoon, these four-wheeler drivers decide to… Read more »

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Motorcyclist Crashes Into Truck

VIDEO: Motorcyclist Crashes Into Truck

Watch as a group of motorcyclists ride together on the highway — until one of them gets too close to… Read more »

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Fort Worth Rollover

VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures Incredible Truck Rollover

This incredible dash cam video shows the moment that a big rig loses control and slides across I-635 in Fort… Read more »

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Brake Failure In Tunnel

VIDEO: Truck Brake Failure In Descending Tunnel

This CCTV video captures every truck driver’s worst nightmare — brake failure in a busy descending tunnel! Video Credit: TwistedLogic

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Dump Truck Deer Statue

VIDEO: Dump Truck Loaded With Giant Deer Statue Crashes Into Bridge

In this video a dump truck driver seems to have forgotten the height of the deer statue he is transporting,… Read more »

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Trucker Rights Tipped Trailer

VIDEO: World’s Most Self Reliant Trucker Rights Tipped Trailer

Who needs help? Definitely not this trucker who is caught on camera single-handedly putting a tipped trailer back on its… Read more »

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Driver Passes Out Behind Wheel

VIDEO: Motorist On Busy Highway Passes Out Behind The Wheel

Watch as this motorist suffers from a medical emergency while driving on a busy highway, sending him crashing off the… Read more »

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Good Samaritans Fix Tipped Over Trailer

VIDEO: Good Samaritans Help Put Tipped Trailer Back On Its Wheels

Watch as these good samaritans use nothing but their own manpower to put a tipped trailer back on its wheels!… Read more »

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Jeep Flips Over Car Trailer

VIDEO: Jeep Does Dukes Of Hazard Jump Off Car Trailer

We’ve all thought about driving our cars onto a parked car trailer — but this Jeep driver actually did it,… Read more »

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Bobtail Vs. Four Wheeler

VIDEO: Bobtail Vs. Merging Four-Wheeler

This video shows the clash between a four-wheeler and a determined bobtail driver! Video Credit: OnePieceQ8

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Snake On A Flatbed

VIDEO: Flatbedding A Massive Snake

Watch as this immense snake is — for some nightmarish reason — strapped to a flatbed truck for transport! Source:… Read more »

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Meanwhile In Germany

VIDEO: Meanwhile In Germany…

Meanwhile in Germany…

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Bear On Road

Truck Drivers Of Reddit Share Their Most Bizarre Experiences

Reddit user, blomhonung asked truck drivers to share some of the most bizarre experiences they’ve encountered on the road – and boy, did they deliver! Check out these surprising and outlandish truck driver tales:

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Strange Bicycle

What The Heck?!

What the heck is going on down there?!

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