Dream Gear for Truckers

ATA: Trucking Spends Almost $10 Billion Each Year On Safety

A new report from the American Trucking Association says that the trucking industry spends at least $9.5 billion each year… Read more »

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Rand McNally Dash Cams

Press Release: Rand McNally Debuts New Line Of Dash Cams

PRESS RELEASE SKOKIE, ILLINOIS — (June 20, 2016) – Leveraging its expertise with built-in cameras in navigation and connected car… Read more »

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Cummins Recalls Over 5000 Diesel Engines

Cummins Recalls Over 5000 Diesel Engines

Cummins, Inc. has announced a recall of around 5,500 diesel truck engines because of an electrical problem that could result… Read more »

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Spacecraft Orion Rides A Flatbed Into Downtown Houston

PHOTO: Orion Spacecraft Hitches A Ride On A Flatbed

Take a look at NASA’s replica of the Orion spacecraft loaded on the back of a flatbed truck enroute to… Read more »

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Nikola One

Nikola Says It Has $2.3 Billion Pre-Orders For Electric Semi No One Has Seen

Nikola recently announced that it had 7000 pre-orders worth $2.3 billion for a new electric-natural gas turbine hybrid truck — even… Read more »

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International Truck Launches New Product Design To Help Retain Drivers

International Truck announced yesterday that they have launched a new design initiative created with the needs of truck drivers in… Read more »

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KLLM To Use Power In Lock To Prevent Cargo Theft

KLLM To Fight Cargo Theft By Locking Trailers — From The Inside

KLLM Transport Services recently announced that they are implementing new technology that will allow them to lock trailers from the… Read more »

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Oklahoma Highway Patrol Can Sieze Funds From Prepaid Cards Or Gift Cards

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Debuts Controversial Asset Forfeiture Technology

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol recently began using card reader technology that allows them to seize money from pre-paid or gift… Read more »

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Huckleberry's Hammer

Truck Driver Gear: Huckleberry’s Hammer

If you’re looking for the ultimate trucking multipurpose tool, you can’t miss Huckleberry’s Hammer! Essential Trucking Gear: Huckleberry’s Hammer Designed… Read more »

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ATA Forecast Is Optimistic On Freight Volume Growth

Press Release: Truck Parking Leadership Initiative Announced

PRESS RELEASE WASHINGTON–(PRNewswire-USNewswire, May 18, 2016) —  Trucking and travel plaza leaders today announced a new highway safety initiative to help professional… Read more »

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Tesla Model S Crashes Itself Into Trailer

Man Says Tesla Crashed Itself Into Flatbed Trailer

A Tesla Model S owner claims that his car started itself and crashed into and under a parked flatbed trailer,… Read more »

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Top 9 Reasons Trucker Quit Their Jobs

Top 9 Reasons That Truck Drivers Leave Their Jobs

A recent study performed by HireRight quizzed truck drivers on why they decided to quit their jobs. Here are the… Read more »

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Snapchat Sued For Speed Filter

Snapchat “Speed Filter” Blamed For Teen’s 107 MPH Crash

A popular social media app called Snapchat is being blamed in a lawsuit for tempting a teen to drive well… Read more »

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Wired Says Trucking Is About To Become Even Less Fun

Wired: Truck Driving Is About To Become Even Less Fun

A new article in Wired magazine explores how self-driving trucks probably won’t put truckers out of a job — but… Read more »

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LifeSaver App

Truck Driver App: LifeSaver

We all know that distracted driving is dangerous, but even the best of us can sometimes succumb to the temptation… Read more »

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DrayQ Truck Driver App

Truck Driver App: DrayQ

A new app called DrayQ hopes to help truck drivers navigate the Port of Oakland’s long lines more efficiently. DrayQ… Read more »

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Convoy Trucking App

Trucking Start Up “Convoy” Seeks To Cut Out Middle Men

A new trucking start up called “Convoy” is trying to shake up the trucking industry by eliminating the need for… Read more »

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Lockheed Martin Long Haul Blimp

Lockheed Martin Introduces Long Haul Blimp To Compete With Trucks

Lockheed Martin has recently unveiled a prototype airship or “long haul blimp” designed to haul heavy cargo cross country that… Read more »

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SuperTruck II

DOE Announces $80 Million SuperTruck II Efficiency Project

The Department of Energy announced SuperTruck II on Tuesday, an $80 million dollar project designed to significantly increase truck efficiency…. Read more »

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Google Car Crashes Into Bus

Google’s Self-Driving Car Crashes Into Bus

Google admits “some responsibility” after one of their self-driving cars crashed into a public bus in Mountain View, California, earlier… Read more »

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Google Patents Driverless Delivery Truck

Google Wins Patent For Self Driving Delivery Truck

A new patent awarded to Google for an “autonomous delivery platform” hints that the company is interested in using driverless… Read more »

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Peterbilt Plane Mashup

NASA Creates Peterbilt-Plane Mashup

This video lets you get a closer look at a new project by NASA. This Peterbilt is equipped with a… Read more »

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Mack Approves Renewable Diesel

Mack Says Renewable Diesel Is Fine For All Engines

Following extensive testing, Mack Trucks announced that renewable diesel is approved for use in all of their engines. According to… Read more »

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Driverless Cars Get In Twice As Many Crashes

Driverless Vehicles Get Into Twice As Many Crashes Because They Always Obey The Law

A disturbing new study found that driverless vehicles are twice as likely as human-manned vehicles to get into a crash…. Read more »

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Trucker Caught Smuggling $11,000 In Recyclables Into California

California Bans Driverless Vehicles, Angers Google

California lawmakers released a set of preliminary rules that ban driverless vehicles on their roads yesterday. The new rules require… Read more »

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21 Million On Alcohol Detection Technology

Highway Bill Includes $21 Million To Support Mandatory Alcohol Sensing Technology

Included in the recently passed highway bill was a $21 million dollar provision to hasten the development of new alcohol… Read more »

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Amazon Rumored To Be At Work On App To Match Truckers With Shippers

Amazon Buys Thousands Of Branded Truck Trailers

Amazon announced today that it has purchased “thousands” of branded trailers to help speed up package delivery for customers. The… Read more »

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I-95 Truck Parking System

Truck ‘N Park To Deliver Real Time Truck Parking Info

Truck drivers seeking parking along the I-95 corridor may have an easier time with help from a new website — Truck’N… Read more »

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E-ZPass Comes To Kentucky

Kentucky recently announced that it will join 15 other states as part of the E-ZPass Group. Authorities say the E-ZPass… Read more »

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Spider Truck

VIDEO: Spider-Inspired Eight Armed Truck

Take a look at this spider-inspired concept truck with four “legs” (outriggers designed to boost stability) and four “arms” (articulated… Read more »

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Wabash Truck Bodies

Wabash To Offer New Dry And Reefer Truck Bodies

Wabash National Corporation announced this week that it will unveil its first line of dry and refrigerated truck bodies for Class… Read more »

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Road Rage Fighting Car Seat

Is The “Active Wellness Seat” The Cure For Four-Wheeler Road Rage?

A new device called the “Active Wellness Seat” monitors drivers for stress and promises to help combat road rage. The… Read more »

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Ohio ATM Truck Stop Scam

Scam Alert: Credit Card Skimmers Found At Two Ohio Truck Stops

Police announced that they found credit card skimmers on the ATMs at two truck stops between Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio… Read more »

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Winter Gear Reccomendations

Truck Driver App: OOIDA Chain Law

With the winter season quickly approaching, it’s best to be prepared. Make sure you pack extra food, emergency supplies and chains, and download OOIDA’s Winter Chain Laws app!

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Active Trucker App

Truck Driver App: Active Trucker Phase 1 & Phase 2

If you’re looking for help getting into shape, the new Active Trucker app may be the answer. The Fitness Guru… Read more »

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Proposed Bill Would Protect Drivers Who Hit Roadway Protesters

Bill To Require Auto-Braking Systems On All New Trucks

A Georgia congressman has proposed a bill that would require all new trucks to come with automatic braking systems. The… Read more »

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Truck Driver App: WorkHound

Two Arkansas men have created an app that they hope will help companies stop truck driver turnover — WorkHound. Max… Read more »

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ATM Skimmer

Scam Alert: ATM Skimmer Found At Truck Stop

Police say that an ATM skimmer was discovered at a truck stop on Route 11 near Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Local authorities received… Read more »

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9 States Including Mississippi To Expand Drivewyze Bypass System Services

In the next few weeks, truck drivers in 9 states will be able to enjoy expanded use of the Drivewyze… Read more »

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Volvo Recall

Nearly 4,000 Volvo Trucks Recalled For Brake And Steering Defects

Volvo announced recently that it will recall almost 4,000 trucks because of brake problems that could cause a crash.

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RoadSwap is a new cloud-based app that helps truck drivers to buy, sell, and swap items with other drivers in their area.

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StaySmarter App

StaySmarter for Truckers Website Makes Booking Hotels Simple

If you struggle when looking for hotels while you’re on the road, you’re in luck! The StaySmarter for Truckers website is designed to deliver the information truck drivers need to find a hotel that suits their needs.

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Wi Fi Engine

Navistar To Offer Wi-Fi Truck Engine Reprogramming

Navistar subsidiary International Trucks announced today that it will offer over-the-air (OTA) reprogramming of engine control models for some International trucks.

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Driverless Construction Trucks

Driverless Construction Zone Trucks To Hit Florida Roads Within The Year

Unlike the so-called “driverless” Daimler trucks that debuted earlier this year that still require a human in the cab, the Royal Truck & Equipment vehicles you’ll see on Florida roads by the end of the year will be completely unmanned by humans — truly driverless trucks.

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Truck Driver App: Oversize

Truck Driver App: Oversize

If you haul oversize loads, there’s an app you need to check out! It’s called Oversize!

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Dating App Promises To Help Single Truckers Connect

App Review: TruckChat

If you’re a truck driver looking for alternatives to the CB radio, you should check out the Trucker Chat app from TeleType.

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ACT's Two Cent Raise

Trucking Company Increases Pay For Drivers Who Install Cameras

American Central Transport (ACT) announced that it will increase pay for drivers who install cameras in their trucks by two… Read more »

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Police Body Cam Poll

POLL: Would Police Body Cams Lead To More Fair Truck Enforcement?

There has been a nationwide outcry for police body cams to prevent violence against citizens, but could these recording devices keep truck drivers from being targeted unfairly?

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Prepaid Maintenance

Volvo And Mack To Lower Operating Costs With Prepaid Maintenance Plans

To help reduce ownership costs for truckers, Volvo and Mack have announced that they will offer prepaid maintenance plans.

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Truck Driver Gear: GoCool Portable Air Conditioner

Truck Driver Gear: GoCool Portable Air Conditioner

If you’re looking for a way to stay cool this summer, look no further than the GoCool 12V portable air conditioner.

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