Shore Power

Shore Power Technologies Expands Into More Truck Stops

A company that takes truck idling very seriously just expanded their power kiosks across the country. Find out where.

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Apps Locates Sex Offenders In Your Area

Great apps to help keep your children safe from predators.

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Statue Of Liberty

How To Make Your Cell Phone Power Last Longer

Just a quick precautionary, common-sense list about how to keep your cell phone alive as long as needed during a storm.

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Guitar Amp

Affordable Guitar Rigs For Traveling Guitarists

Get some recommendations for cool guitar rig gadgets that sound great, but won’t take up a lot of room in your cab.

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Holiday Shopping: Hottest Android Phones

Get a look at the big models in Android phones for this holiday season. Prices are dropping!

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High-Tech Radars Catch Tailgaters

Indiana now has high-tech radar guns. Find out what they’ll be looking for.

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King Dome

Satellite TV For Truck Drivers: King Dome AIR

This system has been tested out as the best stationary satellite TV setup for truck drivers. Trouble is, not many truckers can afford it.

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TrailerTail Company Wins Technology Award

Aerodynamic Trailer Company Receives WSJ Award

ATDynamics TrailerTail can reduce aerodynamic drag and fuel consumption by 6.6 percent at 65 mph.

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CARB Tanker

CARB Compliance On Trailer Aerodynamics Under Fire

Read about fines for truckers who cross into California without SmartWay verified aerodynamic devices such side skirts or boat tail fairings that improve fuel economy.

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Whats Your Number

What’s Your Number Out Of The 7 Billion People Alive?

This neat little calculator tells you what number you are out of the 7 billion people currently alive, based on a simple question. Try it!

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VuQube Satellite TV For Trucks

Ready for some entertainment, truck drivers? We know you like your off hours relaxing, but sometimes you just don’t feel like socializing during down time.

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Truck Driver Apps: CoopsOpen

This free app allows truck drivers to alert others about which weigh stations are open or closed, and which might have some surprises in store.

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Discount Holiday Shopping Apps For Truckers

Get geared up for the holidays with these smart shopping apps that work on the road!

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Truck Driver Gift Guide

Beat the Christmas shopping crowds, shop early and online.

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Money Saving App

Money Saving Coupon Apps For Truck Drivers

We know truck drivers can always use a few spare bucks in their pockets. These apps can help you save almost daily.

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Mini Semi

How To Turn Your Pickup Truck Into A Mini Semi Truck

It looks authentic, and it even sounds authentic. It’s also quite a bit easier to handle.

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Truck Driver App: Android Voice Xtreme

Have all your emails and messages read to you with the Android Voice Xtreme!

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Closer Look: 2013 International ProStar Sleeper

See more of the newest Over The Road cab from International inside.

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Rand McNally Introduces New EOBR Technologies

Rand McNally unveils a device that turns GPS units, tablet computers and smart phones into a standards-compliant EOBR system.

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Mack Trucks Now Offering Advanced Collision Hardware

Bendix Wingman advanced collision mitigation technology now available on Mack Pinnacle truck models.

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Trucker Shames Bad Drivers With Dash Cam

Adelaide, AUS – A truck driver who mounted a dashboard camera to his rig has taken to Youtube to expose the bad drivers of Adelaide.

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Daimler Trucks Adds Tire Pressure Monitoring Options

A new system recently rolled out by Daimler North America provides air pressure and tire air temperature data while driving or stationary enabling drivers to preemptively address tire issues before they occur.

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Daylight Mobile App

Vigillo Releases CSA Daylight Mobile App

If your CSA score is a cause of concern for you, a mobile app just released might be just the thing.

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Asphalt 7

Top Android Mobile Games For Truck Drivers Fall 2012

Here’s our recommendations for the best in paid and free mobile games for Android phones. Do you have them yet?

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Concept Truck

Is This The Truck Of The Future

What do you think of the truck design?

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Air Weigh

Freightliner Installs Self-Weighing Software For Semi Trucks

Freightliner gets on board with the popular truck weighing software system.

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Mass Effect 3

Most Anticipated Video Games Of The Holiday Season

Looking for a little down time fun? Have you heard of these titles that are poised to take over the world?

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Closer Look: 2013 Kenworth W900

The 2013 Kenworth W900 is a trucker favorite due to its classic good looks and roomy interior. See it up close inside.

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Truck Driver’s GPS Leads Him Over Historic Bridge, Lands Him In Jail

Never put all your trust in GPS technology.

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Diesel Truck

Diesel Truck Of The Future: Man Concept S

Another engineering company takes a shot at improving the fuel economy of the modern semi truck. Have a look at what came out of it.

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Truck Parts

Counterfeit Truck Parts Causing Problems

Fake name brand truck parts have been coming out of the far east for years. Now that it’s making inroads to North American markets, trucking advocates decided it’s time to take a different approach.

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Truck Driver Laptop Shopping Guide

Get a look and some links to some of 2012’s new faster, lighter computer models. How is your laptop treating you?

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Blue Parrott

Closer Look: Blue Parrot B250 Headset For Truck Drivers

Looking to upgrade your headset? Our truck driver readers overwhelmingly recommend the VXI Blue Parrot B250-XT headset. Find out why.

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Rand McNally Offers Update For MileMaker And IntelliRoute

Rand McNally has an update is available for MileMaker and IntelliRoute.

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Nintendo Unveils New Console Gaming System

Is your family planning on getting the newest Nintendo gaming console? We now know how much you’ll have to save to get one.

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Mobile apps for truck drivers NASCAR

Mobile Apps: NASCAR by Farsight Studios

Stay updated with all the race news and videos while you’re on the road with NASCAR and NASCAR Pro mobile apps. Links inside!

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Mobile Apps Truck Drivers Can Use

Free Mobile Apps – ESPN ScoreCenter

College and pro football seasons are here. Do you have a mobile app that lets you see all the scores?

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Console Games for Truck Drivers

Previews of Upcoming Video Games

We have some links and videos of this fall’s hottest video games. Which ones will you be playing soon?

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Tailgater: Budget Satellite TV For Truck Drivers

Tailgater is a lower-cost satellite TV system that links to the DISH network. It was made specifically with truck drivers in mind. Find out where to get it and how to install it inside.

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IntelliRoute TND 510

Software Update Available For IntelliRoute TND 510

A software update for the IntelliRoute TND 510 is sure to please drivers.

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IdleAir Announces Growth Financing and Operating Update at GATS

IdleAir Announces Growth Financing and Operating Update at GATS

The partnership of these two companies will allow move drivers to get plugged-in.

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Truck Driver Apps: Traffic Apps

Check out some of the best traffic apps for Android and Apple users. Get up-to-the-minute info on traffic and road closures.

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Garmin Dezl 760 With Active Lane Guidance

Truck Driver Gadgets: Garmin Dezl 760 With Active Lane Guidance

Check out Garmin’s latest navigation system designed specifically for trucks, with active lane guidance.

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Sixty Connected Vehicle Trucks Roll Out

Sixty Connected Vehicle Trucks Roll Out

Trucking just got a whole lot more high tech.

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Cadec Enhances Driver Performance Scorecards

Cadec announces a modification to its PowerVue system that allows carriers to produce driver scorecards. Get the details here.

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Meritor Wabco Announces Newest Lane Departure Warning System

A new lane departure warning system will be available in October. Learn more about the product here.

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Mobile Apps: Classic Tables for Download in Pinball Arcade

Farsight Studios have created the ultimate pinball simulator for Android phones, Apple mobile devices and all your favorite gaming consoles. See some tables in action inside.

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Truck Driver Tools: Dashcams For Truck Drivers

Dash camera options specifically designed for truck drivers.

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Truck Driver Avoids Citations By Submitting Dashcam Footage

A truck driver uses footage taken from her dashcam to avoid two traffic citations.

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Top Mobile Apps for Diabetic Truck Drivers

We review 3 free mobile phone apps that help diabetic truck drivers monitor their health status. Do you have any of these yet?

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