All Recipes Dinner Spinner

VIDEO: Trucker Apps: All Recipes Cooking App Tutorial

Trucker Apps: Cooking app review. This free iPhone and Android app will help you get out of your cooking rut.

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Android Phone Cases for Truck Drivers

Buyers Guide: Android Phone Protective Cases

Thousands of truck drivers use their Android phones for their jobs every day. Trucking is a rough and tumble trade. Here’s our suggestions on how to keep your communications device safe.

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Protective iPhone Cases and Battery Packs

Buyers Guide: Protective iPhone Cases

Here’s a few suggestions for popular and affordable protective cases that truck drivers can put on their iPhones. Have you replaced yours lately?

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Food Cooling Options for Truck Drivers

Food Storage Options for Truck Drivers

Are you thinking about buying a refrigerator for your truck to save money? Truck stop food can be expensive – these appliances will pay for themselves in savings in about a year.

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My DAT Trucker Services

Trucker Apps: My DAT Trucker Services

CDLLife presents a video guide to trucker apps featuring My DAT Trucker Services. Watch the video to learn how to use this time-saving app for truckers.

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Audio Packages for Truck Drivers

Truck Driver Audio Options for Music, Talk Radio and Podcasts

Truck drivers pull long hours on the highways. They need reliable audio and internet entertainment solutions for their semi truck. Here’s a few we recommend.

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Recap+ App Screenshot

Trucker Apps: Recap+ Helps Truck Drivers Calculate HOS

Apps for truckers are cropping up for everything. Drivers, are you tired of calculating your hours of service every night? Let this app do the work for you!

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Truck Driver GPS units CDL Life

Magellan Expands Truck Driver GPS Line

Magellan just expanded their commercial truck driver GPS line with a large, semi truck friendly model – the Roadmate Commercial 9270T-LM. Take a look!

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Mobile Music Apps for Truck Drivers

Trucker Apps: Music Lovers Will Love This ‘Rdio’ Review

CDL Life trucker apps review for music lovers. The Rdio app helps you create your own playlists with no commercials. A music lovers dream? We think so!

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Fuel Tax App For Androids

New Android IFTA App Introduced

The new IFTA Android app calculates state fuel taxes for drivers. Find out more about this app for truck drivers including where you can get it.

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CNG Powered Truck Tour 2012

CNG Semi Trucks: Freightliner Crosses Country to Prove a Point

CNG semi trucks are a hot topic in the trucking industry. Freightliner steps up to challenge a popular misconception: Can a CNG semi truck go cross country?

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Grilling Gear for Truck Drivers

Trucker Accessories: Road Ready Grills

Trucking Accessories for Cooking: CDL Life reviews a few small and affordable portable grills for that break that just calls for a good cut of smoked meat.

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Volvo Launches Natural Gas Powered Engine

Volvo Unveils Natural Gas Powered Engine

Volvo introduces natural gas powered engine. Find out when it will be available.

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EOBR for Truck Inspections 2012

FMCSA & NY Partner to Speed Up Truck Inspections

New York is attempting to save some money and green house gas emissions by implementing an on-board device that allows truck inspectors to finish their jobs quicker, with better information. Will it work?

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Cat CT15 Boosts CT660 Engine

Cat CT660 Gets A Boost

Cat CT660 customers now have a new engine option. Get the details here.

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12 Volt AC for Truck Drivers

Trucking Gear: Sleeping Well Arctic Plus A/C Unit

Get a look at one of the new generation of no-idle AC units for semi trucks. These advanced air conditioners keep you comfortable and alert during summer.

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Driver Free Car By Google

Google Driver-Free Car Licensed in Nevada

Nevada just cleared the first driver-free car from Google to hit the roads. What’s next? A driver-free Truck?

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Android Mobile Cell Phones Apps and Games

Reviews: Best New Android Phones for Truckers

Get a look at some of the best selling smartphones on the market. Since most of the trucking industry communicates on the Android platform, we thought we would show you some of the best ones available.

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Video Tutorial: AroundMe

Video tutorial: AroundMe. Check out the must have app for any traveler.

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Buy Trucker Friendly GPS Units

Trucker GPS Units for the Smart Driver

We take a look at some of the newest and best trucker friendly GPS units available. Which one is right for you?

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Trucker Apps: ‘GetLoaded’ How-to Video for Truck Drivers

CDL Life serves up another trucker apps tutorial video. Learn more about the GetLoaded freight app for truckers with an easy-to-follow instructional video.

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Android and Apple Tablets for Truckers

Buyers Guide: Tablets to Assist Truck Drivers

Tablet computers are getting more affordable, and the fact that they can run on a truckers mobile plan makes them ideal for use on the road for business and entertainment alike. Here’s some reliable models.

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RC Aircraft

VIDEO: Amazing RC Aircraft Models

Three videos featuring remote control military aircraft. Watch the amazing footage.

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Game Trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Video: Black Ops 2 Trailer

Game creators TreyArch have put out another official video of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game. Will you be buying it in November?

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Ugly Meter Pro

App Measures Your Level of Uglyness

Do you have a face only a mother could love? There’s an app that will let you know. The app measures your facial symmetry and tell you if you are scientifically pretty or handsome.

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Kenworth T700 Semi Truck

VIDEO: Closer Look: Kenworth T700 Semi Truck

Kenworth turned lots of heads in 2011 with their powerful, but fuel efficient T700. It earned high marks from truck dealers across the country. See how they improved the 2012 model even more.

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10 Awesome Apps for Truckers

10 Awesome Trucker Apps for Saving Time and Money

CDL Life has compiled 10 awesome apps for truckers and where you can download them. Get the download links and many more apps for truckers at CDL Life.

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Video- Apps for truckers

Trucker Apps How-to Video: Top 10 Best Trucking Apps

Watch this video to help decide which apps for truckers could save you time and money. Get more trucker mobile app reviews, videos and info at CDL Life.

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Descartes announces cloud-based management system

New Cloud-Based Transportation Software Unveiled

New suite uses a cloud-based system for transportation management. How does it help fleet managers save money and time?

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Frito Lay Fleet to Run on Natural Gas

Frito Lay Fleet Adds Natural Gas Powered Trucks

Frito-Lay pledges to add a fleet of compressed natural gas powered trucks. Find out how many trucks it plans to purchase and what the company has already done in its commitment to a better, cleaner environment.

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Truck Speed Limiter Study Flawed

Researcher Distances Himself from Speed Limiter Study

Are they good for trucking? Are they a nuisance for trucking? Who can we believe?

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Colani Truck Design

The Future of Trucks?

Is this the future of truck design? You decide.

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Fire Truck Driving Safety

How It Works: Airport Fire Truck

Driving a truck can be dangerous. Sometimes it can be really dangerous!

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Facetime Tutorial

VIDEO: iPhone FaceTime Tutorial

Find out how to get started using this fun video conferencing app for iPhone to communicate with your family face-to-face on the road.

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Daily Driver Log App from iTunes

Trucker Apps: Daily Driver Log Reviewed

Trucker apps like Drivers Daily Log for iPhone and iPad can take some of the hassle out of hand-written logs. CDL Life reviews this and more trucker apps.

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New Navman Wireless App

Navman Wireless expands its OnlineAVL2 app. Check out what it can do.

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2012 FMCSA Speed Limiter Study

FMCSA Pushing for Speed Limiters on All Trucks

Citing the results of a new study in conjunction with some previous European surveys, the FMCSA feels that truck safety can get even better by installing speed limiters.

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Road Squad

TravelCenters Truck Stops’ New Roadside Recovery Service

The popular trucker destination announces their affordable new roadside service plus, additional service assets. Will you use it?

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Trucker Apps: TRUCKER1 Reviewed

Today on the trucker apps channel, CDL Life reviews TRUCKER1, an iPhone app for truckers that promises to keep you connected while you’re out on the road.

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Future of Pride & Profit design 2012

Freightliner Names Concept Truck Design Winner

Freightliner names the Future of Pride & Profit design contest winner for 2012 at this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show. Find out who it is, and what they made inside.

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Trucker Apps: Fuelbook Saves Drivers Money

Trucker apps like ‘Fuelbook’ can save drivers money. One truck driver saves over $100.00 a week in fuel. How much can the Fuelbook app save you in fuel?

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Trucker Vs. AT&T

AT&T Takes Truck Driver for a Ride

Ever feel like taking revenge on your cell phone provider? An truck driver did that to AT&T for limiting his data rates by taking them to court.

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Facebook Photo Upload Tutorial

VIDEO: Tutorial: Posting Photos To Facebook

Want to post photos to our facebook page but aren’t sure how to do it. Read this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to upload photos from your camera phone.

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Cell Phone Data Searchable for Truckers

Phone Data Can Now Be Searched Without Warrant

Your cell phone data is no longer protected by the 4th Amendment.

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CDL Life reviews Android Apps for Truckers

Apps for Truckers: Making Life Easier

Check out these useful and free mobile smartphone apps that are designed to help truckers save money!

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ATA Top 20 Winners

ATA Names Aerofficient in “Top Products 2011”

A new company with a novel approach to a consistent problem in trucking wins another award in a peer-reviewed competition.

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Heavy Duty Trucking Garmin GPS

Garmin Dezl GPS Named in ATA’s “Top 20 Products for 2012”

The Garmin Dezl line of GPS units earned a big endorsement from Heavy Duty Trucking this week in Tampa, Florida. Get a closer look at this award winning line of GPS units.

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CDL Life reviews Android Apps for Truckers

Popular Android Games for Truckers

After a long day of truck driving, maybe it’s time to just sit back and let your smartphone do the work for a while. Here’s our picks for great games in early 2012.

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Class 8 Semi Truck Fuel Efficiency

Semi Truck Fuel Economy Reaches 12 MPG

How is this driver getting higher fuel efficiency out of his Class 7 semi truck? Is he being honest?

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Old Dominion Converting Solar

Old Dominion Converts Warehouse to Solar Power

Find out how much these veterans of the transportation industry are projected to save on energy for a single location.

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