Supercar Hauler Crash

VIDEO: Car Hauler’s Super Expensive Crash

This video shows the sad aftermath of a luxury car hauler crash. Video Credit: civciv c  

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Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

4 Overlooked Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

Being on the road for days, weeks, or months at a time can make romantic relationships tough. Many trucking couples… Read more »

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Red Light Runner Gets Crunched

VIDEO: Red Light Runner Pays The Price

Watch as this red light runner gets hit by an 18 wheeler in the intersection. Video Credit: esmopd’s channel

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Think Fast

VIDEO: Think Fast!

This dash cammer in this video is left with little time to react when the truck he is following suddenly… Read more »

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White Van's Wild Ride

VIDEO: Big Rig Dash Cam Captures Van’s Wild Ride

This dash cam video shows a van losing control and coming dangerously close to getting hit by the oncoming truck… Read more »

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Forklift driver sent packing.

VIDEO: Forklift Fall

As the forklift driver was backing out of the trailer, the truck driver pulled forward, sending the forklift and its driver crashing.

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Truck Rear Ends Another Truck

VIDEO: Big Rig Rear Ends Another Truck

Watch from inside the cab as a truck pulled over on the shoulder of the road is rear ended by… Read more »

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Lamb of God Truck Rollover

Truck Hauling Gear For Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Megadeth, Overturns

A truck hauling $1 million worth of equipment for heavy metal bands Anthrax, Megadeth, and Lamb of God overturned in… Read more »

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Logo ID

VIDEO: Police Need Help Identifying A Truck’s Logo

Pennsylvania police have released a video and are asking for help from the public to identify the logo on a… Read more »

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PIT Maneuver

VIDEO: Car PIT Maneuvers Self Off Of Truck

Watch as a four wheeler driver manages to PIT Maneuver himself off of a truck! If you’re in a hurry,… Read more »

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Trucker Vs. High Winds

VIDEO: Trucker Vs. Terrifying High Winds

In this video, a trucker comes dangerously close to having his rig completely toppled by high winds. Video Credit: BBC

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CDOT Snow Plows Vs. Impatient Truck Driver

VIDEO: Aggressive Pickup Driver Cuts Off Snowplow

Safety first? Not for this unbelievably impatient pickup truck driver who cuts off a CDOT snowplow with almost no space… Read more »

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Mini Big Rigs

Man Creates Pickup-Sized Big Rigs

A Nashville based truck lover is gaining international attention for his work transforming pickup trucks into mini-semis. Bob Suffern and… Read more »

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Colorado Motorists Help Trucker

VIDEO: Four Colorado Motorists Team Up To Help Stuck Trucker

Watch as four Colorado Springs motorists form a daisy chain to pull a truck to level ground so the driver… Read more »

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Insane Car Roof Slide

VIDEO: Car Skids Across Highway On Roof

In this dash cam video, a car clips another vehicle, overturning and skidding across the highway on its roof just… Read more »

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CVSA Inspections Explained

VIDEO: CVSA Inspections Explained

Whether you’re an experienced trucker or you’ve just received your CDL, you probably have questions about Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance… Read more »

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Bobtail Spins Out

VIDEO: Bobtail Locks Up Brakes And Spins Out

According to the video description: “This bobtail apparently had a major equipment failure, probably a broken air line. He went… Read more »

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Car Cuts Off Truck

VIDEO: Cut Off Karma

This car driver cut across multiple lanes of traffic and into a truck’s lane of travel. The car driver was stopping in front of the truck to make an illegal u-turn in the median, which she admitted to the trooper. She was found at fault and ticketed f

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Enterprise Truck Can Opener

VIDEO: Rental Truck Leaves Entire Roof Dangling From Bridge

An Enterprise rental truck squares off against the infamous 11’8″ bridge in North Carolina — and leaves its entire roof… Read more »

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Four Wheeler Merge Fail

VIDEO: Motorist Who Can’t Merge Crashes Into Truck

This four-wheeler’s merge attempt does not go as well as planned. Video Credit: Brad S

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Texas Pickup Truck Rollover

VIDEO: Oncoming Pickup Truck Rolls Twice

This dash cammer captures a Texas-sized pickup truck rollover near Alvarado. Amazingly, everyone survived this crash. Video Credit: Gr B

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Black Smoke Hides Burning Car

VIDEO: Burning Car Hidden By Black Smoke Causes Crash

In this nighttime dash cam video, black smoke from burning car camouflages it from the view of an oncoming vehicle,… Read more »

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Woman Pulls Over Speeding Cop

VIDEO: Woman Pulls Cop Over For Speeding

In this video, a concerned citizen pulls over a police officer for reportedly driving over 90 m.p.h. and then delivers… Read more »

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Truck Stop Grand Reopening

Landmark Truck Stop To Celebrate Grand Reopening

The historic TA truck stop in Hudson, Wisconsin, is celebrating it’s grand reopening this week. Originally opened in July 1969 as… Read more »

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Optimus Prime

NASCAR Team Owner Buys “Optimus Prime” Truck

NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick is now the proud owner of the 1979 custom Peterbilt that starred as “Optimus Prime” in… Read more »

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Burning Box Truck

VIDEO: Burning Box Truck Rolls Backwards Towards Police Cruiser

In this dash cam video captured by a Sparta, New Jersey police on Saturday afternoon, a box truck burns on… Read more »

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Truck Jackknifes on Black Ice

VIDEO: Truck Jackknifes On Black Ice

In this video from January 29, black ice on I-80 between Elko and Carlin, Nevada, caused this truck driver to… Read more »

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Ontario Four Vehicle Crash

VIDEO: Dramatic Four Vehicle Crash

In this crazy video captured in Windsor, Ontario, a pickup truck slams into three other vehicles. Amazingly, everyone survived with… Read more »

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American Trucking Simulator

“American Truck Simulator” Releases Exciting Launch Trailer

In anticipation of the game’s February 3rd launch, American Truck Simulator has released a launch trailer to promote the PC… Read more »

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Trucker Takes Out Fire Hydrant

VIDEO: Truck Takes Out Fire Hydrant, Driver Tries To Put It Back

Watch as this truck driver accidentally runs over a fire hydrant, then gets out of his truck to try to… Read more »

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Notre Dame Truck

Notre Dame Uses 18-Wheeler To Entice Football Recruit

Boys like big trucks, and the recruiters at Notre Dame know it. That’s why they drove their equipment hauling 18-wheeler… Read more »

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Passed Out Pickup Truck Driver

VIDEO: Passed Out Pickup Driver Almost Hits Truck Head On

Watch as an unconscious pickup truck driver crosses over into oncoming traffic, coming alarmingly close to hitting a truck head… Read more »

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Redbox February

Redbox New Releases: February

Ready to escape for a couple of hours? Here are some of the best new movies headed to your nearest… Read more »

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Florida Turnpike Tornado

VIDEO: Trucker Trapped In Tornado Captures Terrifying Video

Watch as a truck driver trapped in the tornado on the Florida Turnpike yesterday morning documents the destruction with cell… Read more »

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Netflix New Releases For February

Netflix New Releases: February

Whether you’re snuggled up in your sleeper or with your significant other on the couch, February is the perfect time… Read more »

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Snow Plow Driver's Confession

VIDEO: Plow Driver Has Fantastic Time Burying Cars In Snow

In this video, a snow plow driver confesses his love for his job under the snow while he gleefully pushes… Read more »

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Human Chain To Save Trucker

Motorists Form Human Chain To Rescue Trucker Dangling From Pennsylvania Turnpike

On Friday night, a group of strangers stopped to rescue a truck driver who lost control on the snowy Pennsylvania… Read more »

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New Jersey Trash Truck Fire

VIDEO: New Jersey Trash Truck Explodes

Watch as a trash truck powered by natural gas catches fire and explodes, blasting a hole in a nearby house… Read more »

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Texas Road Rage

VIDEO: Ridiculous Four Wheeler Road Rage

If you needed more proof that four-wheeler drivers can be childish, dangerous, and a little unbalanced, this viral road rage… Read more »

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RV Rear Ends Garbage Truck

VIDEO: Inattentive RV Driver Slams Into Garbage Truck

Dash cam video from an incident in Molalla, Oregon, features a distracted RV driver who slams into the back of… Read more »

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Truck Hits Cop

VIDEO: Shocking! Sheriff Run Over By 18 Wheeler, Survives

Unsettling new video has been released from Preble County Sheriff’s Office. The dash cam video, taken on January 8 in Eaton,… Read more »

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Bull Semen Stolen

$50,000 Worth Of Bull Semen Stolen From Truck

Almost 3,500 units of bull semen were stolen from a truck in Turlock, California, on Sunday night. Three tanks and a… Read more »

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Funeral Procession For Trucker

VIDEO: 18 Wheeler Funeral Procession For Life-Long Trucker

Watch as friends and family honor trucker Bob Hurt with an 18 wheeler funeral procession. Hurt owned Hurt Trucking for… Read more »

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Trucker Uses Rig To Save Four Wheeler

VIDEO: Trucker Uses Rig To Protect Driver Who Hit Him

In this video, The Renegade Trucker comes up on the aftermath of a crash. He says that the driver used… Read more »

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Ohio Four Wheeler Road Rage

VIDEO: Insane Four Wheeler Driver Trolls Trucker For 10 Miles

In this bizarre road rage incident, a four wheeler driver repeatedly tries to force a truck driver to crash into… Read more »

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Log Truck Tips Over

VIDEO: Log Truck Roll Over

In this video, a log truck tips over on a curve, crashing into a guardrail. Video Credit: DailyPicksandFlicks

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Chesapeake Bay Truck Recovery

VIDEO: Wreckage From Truck Pulled From Chesapeake Bay

Watch as a salvage crew pulls the skeletal remains of a truck from Chesapeake Bay waters. The truck lost control… Read more »

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Highway 50 Truck Crash

VIDEO: Truck Skids Into Car On Icy Missouri Road

This alarming video captured by a bystander involves a truck losing control on icy Highway 50 in Johnson County, Missouri,… Read more »

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Oregon Cop Saves Toddler

VIDEO: Oregon Deputy Rescues Toddler Running On Highway

Oregon police have released video showing the terrifying moment that a two-year old child ran out in front of a… Read more »

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Canadian Highway Crash

VIDEO: Out Of Control Car Hits Truck Head On

In this video, a motorist loses control on a Canadian highway, sending his car crashing nearly head on with a… Read more »

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