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5 Free Financial Apps Truckers Need


There are plenty of Android OS Apps that help you keep track of your carrier’s money, but what about your money? Long haul truckers should always keep their money on their mind. No one wants to go broke while on the road! So which mobile apps are trucker-friendly according to CDLLife? Read on:

First off, it’s worth mentioning that nearly every national bank has a free financial app for their customers, and some are pretty feature-rich. If your trucking family is a member of Bank Of America, U.S. Bank, Citibank, Chase, or Wells Fargo banks, you can visit the financial apps section of the Android market and pick up your brand to get started.

Mint.com Personal Finance App

This one consistently makes tech writers Best Of and Editor’s Choice lists, and for good reason; it does the most without being confusing or accident prone. It’s also very secure because the app doesn’t actually move money through, but simply tracks and records everything being done. It’s also really great at helping truck drivers avoid ATM fees. It even has bill alerts. Mint Personal Finance also allows you to track investments, 401k info and more. See some screenshots and download it here.

TurboTax SnapTax

This tax app is for truckers who work on W-2 tax forms. Unfortunately it won’t do anything but that. Still, Turbo Tax Snap Tax works surprisingly quick and easy. Just how easy?

1 – Snap a photo of your tax form
2 – Answer a some quick questions
3 – Review, pay, and e-file securely!

State and Fed tax filings cost $20 each through this mobile financial app, but it’s over in a snap! Get it now.

Bloomberg for Smartphone

One of the most trusted sources for financial information is now available on Android for free. Along with news and tips, Bloomberg’s mobile app will also allow you to track your stocks and other assets. Truck drivers can keep watch on fuel prices, transportation industry finances and more. Stay in the know. Download the Bloomberg financial app here.


Many truck drivers use PayPal as a little emergency fund if something happens on the road that needs a quick solution. But this improved mobile financial app lets long haul truckers find businesses that take PayPal as payment. You can even move money into an account by taking a picture of a paycheck with your mobile phone camera. Pretty handy! It does more, so find out about PayPal Mobile here.

Yahoo! Finance

One of the most popular online financial information sites also has a powerful mobile Android app to help people track money, stocks and 401k info while on the go. You can view the daily market summaries, read in-depth analysis and news, and watch Tech Ticker videos. Add and remove stocks from your watch list, as well as view your Y! Finance portfolios when you synch with your PC. Get Yahoo’s free mobile app here.

What are some of your favorite can’t-live-without financial apps? Truck drivers from CDLLife will give them a road test!


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