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America’s Broken Bridges Now Out of Control


Here’s a statistic that might ruin truck drivers’ lunch hours: According to the FHWA National Bridge Inventory Report 2010, the number of bridges classified as “deficient” is now at an all-time high. The report shows that more than 18,000 bridges hold this low grade. This means that truckers and commuters traveling on our nation’s roads are courting hazard nearly 210,000,000 times a day as they cross these structures.

1 out of 9 bridges in America are deficient, and since federal highway and infrastructure spending is being lowered, this problem will only get worse for truck drivers hauling heavy cargo across them 24 hours a day.

But on a lighter note, our friends over at CTSIGlobal framed a funny angle on this not-so-nice news. There are more deficient bridges in America than there are McDonald’s. We just didn’t think that was possible.


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