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Avoid The Accidental Dump At The Pump!


Don’t be a chump! Avoid wasting fuel at the pump! This money-saving tip is so simple, we almost didn’t write it. But we figured since CDLLife is dedicated to all truckers (as in new truckers too), we thought we would go ahead.

Many veteran truck drivers know how difficult it is to fill both tanks of the cab quickly while alone on the road.  They just hope that they won’t walk back to a fuel nozzle that’s popped out and pouring dozens of dollars of diesel on the pavement. Trust us, it happens more often than you might think. So what’s a cost-effective trick to keep the nozzle nuzzled in the tank where it should be? Like we said before, it’s so simple it almost didn’t get posted.

For trucks that have water-draining side steps right in front of the fuel tank inlet, all you need is a quality rubber bungee hook. Once you get your fuel nozzle situated into the opening, just hook one side of the bungee to a step hole, then run the rubber bungee over the top of the fuel handle and hook it into a hole that makes a firm but not high-pressure hold on the device. Now you can fill two tanks at once without worrying about having a dangerous fuel spill. See the example in the photo below. Simple eh?

The only advice we can give is this: make sure you get a heavy duty rubber bungee to do the job, like the one in the picture. The slimmer, woven cords that sell for just a couple of bucks in the grocery stores aren’t very strong and will most likely fail after being exposed to weather and tension for a few months. Why waste money on inferior designs?



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