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Trucker GPS: The Best in Navigation


Truck Driver GPS UnitsWhile it’s true that there’s plenty of options with GPS for truckers that travel with smartphones, most free mobile apps triangulate position using cell towers, not true geo-positioning like most hardware GPS systems can. This doesn’t create that many problems in urban cores, where there are cell towers almost mile by mile. But when you’re doing long haul trucking through big country, accurate geo-positioning can make a real difference to truck drivers who are hauling hazardous cargo or are running low on fuel (and patience). So CDL Life decided to continue the review of trucker navigation and the best GPS for truckers. Let’s go!


Teletype WorldNav 7400 Trucker GPS

The Teletype WorldNav features excellent visibility in the tractor cab day or night, and more than 12 million trucker-specific points of interest like scale locations, services like truck washes, parking, rest stops, hazardous cargo restrictions and much more. Program multiple destinations, track costs and hours and output all on-duty hours easily in easy-to-read files.

Trucker Navigation -Friendly Features:Trucker Specific GPS from CDL Life

  • Truck Resolution Routing insures travel on permitted roads only
  • Supports any vehicle from a standard 18-wheeler to a truck hauling a crane
  • Fuel Efficiency Tracking
  • Multi-destination programming

Screen size: 7″, Mounting system: Glass Suction, Other features: Bluetooth Compatible, Countries Mapped: USA, Canada & Mexico

 Magellan RoadMate 1700LM

Big 7″ color screen and lots of exclusive features makes the Magellan line a great bargain GPS for truckers that can save them lots of time and money. This unit lets you bookmark your favorite locations and services if you happen to drive the same routes for carriers.

Trucker Navigation -Friendly Features:Trucker GPS Units at Amazon

  • Exclusive AAA Tourbook feature that highlights AAA approved hotels, services and dining locations.
  • 6 million trucker-specific points of interest.
  • Multi-destination routing for extended trips and cargo types.
  • Text to speech options for routing directions

Screen size: 7″, Mounting style: glass suction, Bluetooth: compatible, Countries mapped: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Software: Free lifetime traffic updates

 Goodyear GY 500X

This unit is a GPS model that appeals to both truckers and regular drivers. It has a full color display and voice direction guidance system that makes saving time and fuel easy for truck drivers as well as bus drivers, commuters and motorcyclists.

Truck Navigation- Friendly Features:Truck Driver GPS Units from CDL Life

  • User Loads In The Gross Vehicle Weight, Number Of Axels & Level Of Hazmat Material
  • Unit Will Calculate The Route Based On Road Width, Bridge & Tunnel Clearances
  • Best Truck-Specific Route To Destination
  • Includes More Than 17,000 Truck Stops, Diesel Locations, Weigh Stations, Repair Facilities & Other Truck-Specific Information

Screen size: 4.3″, Mounting style: glass suction, Bluetooth: compatible, Countries mapped: USA, Canada, Mexico

Got any other trucker-friendly GPS units that make your long haul trucking routes easier? Let CDL Life know! We’ll have our truckers give it a road test!

The best GPS for truckers! 


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