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High Octane Hotties


We like to think we get to the bottom of important issues surrounding the trucking industry. We search for statistics on Safety, Health, Entertainment and Fuel. Sometimes we get distracted (like you do) when you spot a site that sounds too good to be true. Which is why we had to investigate GasPumpHotties. Come on, you have to click on a site described like that.

As per usual, the marketing doesn’t quite live up to the reality, but hey – we give them a B+ for effort. While there are plenty of soccer moms sporting yoga pants, there are also pics of some fuelers who are hardly foxes. As with truck driving, fuel stop workers have to have fun where they find it. And since they all classify these ladies as “Premium Grade,” we’re sort of thankful they haven’t posted anyone who qualifies for the “Regular” and “Mid-Grade” sections.

Which ones are your favorites? Click through the pic and find a winner.



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