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Home Security & Surveillance for Truckers


Some professional truck drivers have loving families waiting for them back home. It’s nice to have a wife or one of the kids to keep watch over the house and other property while you’re long haul trucking for a wage. But sometimes, a little peace of mind goes a long way to ease anxieties of the trip. A relaxed mind is a focused mind. A relaxed driver is a safe driver.

To put your mind at ease while trucking, a home security system that allows you to remotely view your home and property would be ideal. You can begin your own search here, or CDL Life can recommend some high-rated surveillance products truck drivers might like. Read on…

 D-Link Wireless Day/Night Remote Camera

DLink Remote CameraSecurity is easy when you can use any digital video device to keep watch over your property. The D-Link remote camera features a small size and easy installation for beginners and security pros alike. It’s a discreet and flexible way to check on your home, children, or pets in real time on Android phones, Apple products and PC laptops.

 Swann 4 Camera + Digital Recorder System

Day Night Four Camera Security
Avoid blind spots and never miss a detail with this complete day/night system that’s easy to set up and even easier to use. Recorded video output is true “plug n’ play” capable and let’s truck drivers watch from any mobile video device like iPhone and iPads, Blackberry phones, Android tablets and PC computers. The recording unit has a huge 500 Gb storage drive, which allows truckers surveillance up to 120 full days while going over the road.

 VueZone 2 Indoor Motion Detection Cams

Motion Sensing Security for TruckersThis VueZone system lets you concentrate on driving without having to check back in at intervals. The motion sensing cameras alert you through text message or pop up right on your Android, Blackberry or iPhone. The cameras are lightweight and can be put anywhere with adhesive or included magnetic strip attachments.

And of course, if you don’t find any home surveillance systems that make the grade you can always go with one of the original security systems to protect your family…

Truck Driver Home Security Dog


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