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Mobile WiFi Hotspots for the Open Road


Mobile Hot Spots CDL LifeMany long haul truckers know, Wifi access on the road and at truckstops can be anything but reliable. So why just hope for the best when you pull in and put it in park at the end of the day? Bring along your own 3G or 4G WiFi HotSpot so you can surf streaming videos or have some fun gaming online after a healthy dinner!

You can start a search for a good bargain in WiFi Hotspots attached to your telecom provider by clicking the image below, or we have a few choice recommendations to look at.

Novatel MiFi 2200 Mobile WiFi Router

CDL Life reviews WiFi HotspotsGet broadband on the go for up to four devices with this handy gadget that works over the Verizon Data Network. This device features download speeds ranging from 600 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps – that’s fast enough for nearly any application like gaming systems, Netflix Streaming Mobile App, iTunes and uploading digital camera photos to Facebook. It’s small, but sturdy and will power five wifi-enabled devices for up to four hours without recharging. Click the pic and have a closer look!

Nokia T-Mobile Rocket 4G USB Modem

Trucker Friendly Mobile BroadbandJust looking for a broadband hookup for your laptop that turns it into an anytime/anywhere multimedia powerhouse? Look no further. This device plugs directly into your computer’s USB port and can run a data plan ranging from 100 MB for a week to 3 GB for a month. Standard monthly plans average about $30 for a full Gig of data (you might want more if you plan on streaming a lot of video through iTunes or Netflix). It also doubles as a regular USB jump drive that can hold another 32 Gigs of data and files like music, documents and videos. Click through and check into the pre-pay plans!

H2O Pay As You Go Mobile Hotspot

Maybe you’re just not sure that your truck driving schedule will take you through the next few months. Why would you want to pay the high cost of 3G data network access if you won’t be using it the whole time? Buy data access as often as you need it for a competitive price with the H2O Mobile WiFi Hotspot. This device connects through your USB port on your computer, and provides up to 7 Mbps data speeds. The best feature? This device will work on international networks, so if you find your truck route takes you into Mexico or Canada you can be assured you’ll be connected a quick speeds with little worry. Click the pic and go browse the pay as you go data cards you can purchase with it!


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