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Power Inverters Truck Drivers Can Use


Convenience on the road for truckers is a matter of degree sometimes. After 8 hours behind the wheel, even the best tractor trailer seat feels like a stack of newspapers. After 500 miles, even the swankiest truck stop buffet seems bland compared to home-cooked meals. For many truck drivers, there are some over the road conveniences that can’t be done without. Power inverters for in-cab amenities make this list frequently.

What Type of Power Inverters are Best for Truckers?

There’s not a standard one-size-fits-all for the industry, but there are certain requirements for long haul truckers. A baseline of 300 watts would be adequate to power a normal size TV, a travel cooler or recharge a laptop computer battery. Do you want to use cooking appliances appliances in the cab? That takes quite a few more amps (between 200 and 400) and will probably require over 1,200 watts.

You can start looking for the best power inverter right now by clicking this image link:

Otherwise, CDL Life has found these power inverters work great for truckers.

Duracell 1000 watt DC to AC power inverterCDL Life reviews Duracell inverters

This one should be powerful enough for truck drivers to watch their favorite shows on DVD or cook a great meal in a crock pot while getting in some daily miles. It has two outlets and only weighs about six pounds.

CDL Life reviews NPower InvertersNPower Digital Inverter

This powerful model is a great choice for truckers who travel over the road with one or more computers that require strong and steady current. It has four outlets and a USB port for laptop or telecommunication accessories. This one is 3000 watts, which is strong enough to run power tools if necessary.

AutoExec Car Desk with Laptop and Cell Mounts

AutoExec Laptop Desk
Now we’re getting fancy. This all-in-one kit has a rotating laptop mount, a smartphone claw, a log file holderĀ  and a power inverter. This is small enough to fit between most normal tractor trailer seats, it’s bottom-weighted to provide a stable platform for most of your mobile computing needs, but can be moved easily and stored out of the way. The price isn’t too bad either, even though it’s probably a good idea to avoid powering an entertainment system with it.


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