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The two year economic turndown is still having effects in 2011. The Transportation industry is large, but never immune to waning consumer product demand. It’s now the 2011 holiday season, and Transportation company managers are going to need to come up with good strategies for 2012.

If you’re a transportation company manager, how should you strategize for this year? Will you have to pay much higher rates to get merchandise moved? Are your trucks reliable? Are you tightening or loosening your requirements for qualified drivers? How will CSA 2011 affect 2012? Are you curious about what your professional peers are doing for their businesses?

A survey put out by the Commercial Carrier Journal this summer featured answers from managers of 41 commercial carriers on various topics. What are the conclusions?

Are trucking business levels better this month compared to the same month last year?

  • 12% said they felt there had been no change in business since last year.
  • 63% said business is doing better for the season.
  • 17% informed us CCJ that they’re doing much better in business and profit.

What specific strategic plans do you have for your transportation company?

  • 56.1% of managers were planning on increasing the size of their fleets
  • 26.8% planned to repair or upgrade older machinery and assets
  • 17.1% decided to make no changes and conserve financial assets for later

What are the top issues that drive your strategic plans for 2011/2012?

  • Rising freight prices 36.6%
  • Shortage of qualified truck drivers 20.0%
  • Freight volume 17.1%
  • Federal and state regulations 9.8%
  • Fuel costs 7.3%
  • Cash/credit availability 4.9%

Do you manage a trucking / transportation company? What drives you strategic business initiatives? CDL Life wants to know!

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