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Truck Driver Tips: Saving Money on the Road


Truck Driver Tips: Save Money through Smart Fuel Economy.

Nearly everyone in transportation knows: truck operations are expensive. With the new EPA regulations set to roll out, things are going to get even more so (somewhere to the tune of nearly $20,000 per vehicle). What does this mean for truck drivers? It means that it’s never been more important for truck drivers to save money while operating their rigs. We’ve got some helpful truck driver tips to help keep you out of the red.

This is an ever-growing list of OTR truck driver tips that help to pinch pennies per mile

  • Be fuel conscious but only use legal means to save fuel
  • Change driving styles to see which saves you more fuel, then write it down for reference
  • Maximize your truck’s aerodynamics by using tractor and trailer side skirts, nose cones, vortex generators, trailer tails and brackets for tractor mud flaps
  • Practice the concept of timing “fresh” and “stale” red and green traffic lights so you don’t use extra fuel on starting from a stop
  • Pay specific attention to make sure your company isn’t overriding the manufacturers’ factory settings on your tractor
  • When climbing hills, let your truck’s cruise control work to keep the steady pace
  • Don’t skip any preventive maintenance
  • Consider changing your oil to a synthetic to lengthen the time between oil changes
  • Shop for aerodynamic tire designs. They may be more expensive up front, but many of them will save lots of cash for you down the line
  • Use rounded edge mirrors
  • Use a trusted and proven fuel additive
  • Reduce your carry on weight
  • Maintain steady driving speeds as often as possible
  • Gentle acceleration and braking will always be easier on your truck and your pocketbook

Got any other money-saving truck driver tips for long haul trips? Leave us a comment and we’ll update the list later!


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