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10 Awesome Trucker Apps for Saving Time and Money


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Awesome Apps for Truckers: Reviews

There are many great apps for truckers. Android apps and iphone apps can make routine tasks more simplified.  Overdrive Magazine put together a video of 10 great apps for truckers. The video can be viewed here.

Listed below you’ll find more information about the apps featured.

The featured apps for truckers are:

1. Truckster:  WINNER OF THE 2010 WILEY PUBLISHING CO. IPHONE APP CONTEST Available for iPhone and Android users.

TRUCK STOPS.Apps for Truckers: Truckster Picture
This section is currently listed by state,then highway, followed by exit.

Operates similar to truck stops section. Select state, then highway, and followed by specific rest stop.

You can select which way you wish to search for Walmarts, either by city or by highway.


Diesel prices are currently available for:
2) TA

2. TruckSmart-  Available for both iPhone and Android users. 

Apps for Truckers: TruckSmartTruckSmart iPhone Advantages :
Interactive Map displaying the TravelCenters/Petro sites that are within 250 miles from your current location
Complete list of amenities at the TravelCenters/Petro sites, including Services, Restaurants, Showers, Parking.
Location list by radius from 50 & 100 miles, in addition to highway and state look up Current Fuel Prices
Turn by Turn Directions
Call Roadsquad or Site integration
Call Roadsquad will pass your current coordinates to our Call Center to pinpoint your location to be used for Tech dispatching
Current Site Weather
Available Showers
Available Parking
Current Specials for each of our brands
Instant Showers
Share Location
UltraOne Integration
Call Customer Service

3. PocketFuelCal- Available to iPhone users.

FEATURES:PocketFuelCal Apps for Truckers

Classic user interface resembles a vintage gas pump
Fast and easy to use
Customizable settings to fit your vehicle
Calculates with mpg, km/l, and l/100km
Converts to per mile, per km, and total fuel surcharge
Convenient in-app web page displays fuel price index

4. Trapster- Available foriPhone and Android users. 

FREE app that alerts you to speed traps, red light and speed cameras, accidents, and other roadway hazards.
FeaturesTrapster Apps for Truckers Icon
– Audio & Visual Alerting: Get vital road hazard and speed alerts in English, French, German, Spanish and lots of fun sound themes. Push notifications can alert you even when the app isn’t running.
-Speed Limits & Speedometer: Going too fast? Trapster knows and will alert you to changes in speed limits keeping you safe on the road.
-NAVTEQ Live Traffic: Traffic incidents and congestion are completely avoidable with real-time traffic feeds delivered right to your map.
-Search & Routing: Discover new destinations with local search, and then request directions to your desired location all within Trapster.
– Patrol„¢: Drive with confidence knowing that other Trapster users have patrolled the road ahead of you. You will know it is free and clear of traps by the blue line that displays on your route.

5. GetLoaded- Available to both iPhone and Android users.

GetLoaded Apps for Truckers

– GPS based for easy load and truck searching.
– Call the contact directly from the app.
– Easily find a back-haul from your current location.
– Quickly browse all available loads and trucks with just a simple touch.

6. ITS Trucker-Available to iPhone and Android users.

Internet Truckstop’s ITS Trucker allows you to use your iPhone/iPad or Android to access the largest load board in the industry to Search for Freight and Post your Truck

The GPS locater will assure you are searching for loads in a radius of your current location ITS Trucker App for Truckers

Post your truck with a click of a button

A Get Me Home button quickly displays all loads delivering in a radius of your home base

Saves you time with Dial Direct function from both freight search results and freight detail screens

CreditStop Broker, Days2Pay information available on each load as a value added tool.

7. TT Trucker Tools, formally TCS- Truck Stop Coupons-Available for iPhone and Android users 

Features include:
– Find latest diesel prices (fuel prices data is update every hour)
– Get real time traffic information
– Search for truck stops within a 50-mile radius, along an interstate or U.S. highway, by exit number, by cityTT Trucker Tools App for Truckers
– View the truck stops in a location on a mapview
– See the full list of amenities and services provided by a truck stop (The truck stop data is updated daily)
– Find live weather conditions
– Chat and connect with other truckers
– Find coupons and sales specials offered by truck stops
– Add coupons and sales specials to your favorites
– Add truck stops to your favorites (My Truck Stops) list
– Use turn-by-turn directions to the truck stop
– With the call the truck stop feature, the app will use your phone to make the call
– Find cargo insurance instantaneously

8. iDDL- Available for iPhone users.

Finally an easy, even fun way to:
1.Keep your logs clean and up to date with 100% COMPLIANCE!!
2.Easily make changes to Driver Status and correct errors
3.View, Print, and Email logs right from the device
4.Document your inspections
5.Take pictures of failed inspection items and send them wherever you want

iDDL is based on the FMCSA NORTH AMERICAN Standard Hours of Service (HOS) and inspection rules.

9. PageOnce- Available to iPhone and Android users.

With Pageonce you can:

PageOnce App for Truckers Icon

Pay your bills with Pageonce (Gold subscription only)
Track all your money and bills in one place
(Banks, credit cards, bills & more)
Receive bill due date reminders
View bill statements
Get real-time alerts for all your accounts
Keep tabs on your investment portfolio
See frequent flyer miles and rewards
Track mobile minutes, text and data usage
Safe and secure – trusted by millions

10. uDrove- Available to iPhone and Android users.

With uDrove®, you can easily track information on an iPhone:
¢Driver Logs “ Indicate duty status, creating a computer-assisted log that tracks available driving hours.uDrove App for Truckers Icon ¢Mileage Tracking “ Using the phone’s GPS, automatically document mileage for easy fuel tax recording.
¢Proof of Delivery “ Record instant confirmation for every delivered load.
¢Fuel and Business Expenses “ Capture fuel and operating expenses, photograph receipts and easily view a summary.
¢Vehicle Inspections “ Record and submit DVIR inspections instantly.
¢Load Tracking “ Provide real-time load tracking from pick-up to delivery!
After downloading uDrove, visit uDrove.com to set up your online account.

*All information taken from Google Play and iTunes.

How many of these trucker apps have you used? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below.


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