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100 MPH Go-Kart Video


Video: Go-Kart Goes 100 mph!If you can’t stand the speed, stay off of the track.

The guy in this video has gonads of steel.  Ride around the go-kart track with him at speeds of 100+ mph in a go kart!

When you’re that low to the ground, the visual effect of speed is nearly doubled. It’s not like driving a truck, sitting about 8 feet off of the pavement.


[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/Ar4dtYBlZ8s” title=”100%20mph%20go%20kart”]


Go-kart racing has become a populars sport over the years, and as the sport has increased in popularity, so has the kart’s ability to pick up speed.  Superkarts have been known to reach speeds of 160 mph– the average, amusement park go-kart goes around 15 mph.

Would you ride a go-kart that could reach speeds of 160 mph?


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