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30 Year Trucking Veteran Named TCA’s “2012 Highway Angel”


This year’s Trucking Carriers Association’s Highway Angel has a story that reads more like a blockbuster action thriller. It comes courtesy of Guy Knudsen, a 30 year veteran of the trucking industry who spoke of his selfless nature saying, “Everyone out there on the road is somebody’s son, somebody’s mother, somebody’s father, he said. My feeling is that hopefully someone would stop to help me or my family if we ever needed it.

2012 Highway Angel TCAGuy’s incredible story starts outside of Reno, NV on Interstate 80. Driving into a blind curve in a desert canyon late at night, Gary was suddenly braking to avoid impact with an overturned car blocking both traffic lanes. Even though he struck the vehicle, he was uninjured and dialed 911 as he exited his cab. While he was relaying information, he narrowly avoided harm as more trucks drove to the accident site unaware of the danger yet. In all, Knudsen had to scramble to safety while FOUR other vehicles rounded the curve, skidded and either impacted the car or went off the road.

During this frightening series of events, Knudsen instinctively knew that the driver of the overturned car was in the area somewhere, most likely over the canyon embankment in desperate need of medical attention. He jumped over a barrier in the foggy dark and found himself fighting for a foothold as he tumbled down an embankment, ultimately getting injured. He found a woman with a head wound in a state of panic. He attempted to calm her while shouting out to emergency personnel about their location. EMT workers admitted that had he not put himself at risk and helped them locate the driver, she would have probably died from head trauma.

We at CDL Life want to send out a great big “thank you!” to Guy and to the TCA for their award program. We need more industry groups 2011 Highway Angel Recipientwho make sure people outside trucking and the press learn about the positive side and the wonderful people who make up the transportation industry. TCA has even gone a step further and partnered with country music star Lindsay Lawler to create a song and video that puts an artistic edge on the bravery of everyday truckers. Have a look and listen to the video here.

Thanks again, Guy!

Read about TCA’s 2011 Highway Angel here.


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