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5 CabHacks For Drivers


There’s nothing we at CDLLife love more than little “cabhacks” that can be implemented to make things easier – here are a few that drivers might be able to utilize in their trucks to help save space and stay organized!

 1. Shoe Holder Turned Pantry

An inexpensive hanging shoe holder could make for a great alternative to pantry with a little creativity! MoneySavingQueen.com suggests taking things out of their boxes to store them and save space. This idea would work perfectly for products like oatmeal, fruit cups, Ramen noodles, microwavable dinners, canned foods, and granola bars!

2. Tote or Duffle Bag Turned Linen Closet

Dedicate a little time to organizing a shower/bathroom duffel or tote that’s easy to grab and well organized. You’ll want to include shower flip-flops, body soap, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, a tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving cream, a razor, wet-wipes, a fresh change of clothes, a clean towel, a wash cloth, and also a small drawstring laundry bag.

3. Bucket Turned Supply Closet

Take a small 1-2 gallon bucket and fill it with your favorite cleaning products, rolls of paper towels, and trash bags. We suggest easily disposable items like disinfectant wipes, cleaning/antibacterial spray, and a small hand broom and dust pan. You never know when a spill in the cab could lead to a sticky mess and this easily accessible storage system makes clean up a breeze.

4. Hamper Turned Laundry Room

Keep a small hamper around to toss your dirty laundry into! You can also keep your detergent, dryer sheets, and bag of quarters in the bottom of the basket in case the need arises to do laundry on the road. These baskets can be easily slid around across a space or stacked out of the way!

 5. Dish Pan Turned Kitchen Sink

An inexpensive dish pan can be used to store your dish soap (many brands such as Dawn are relatively environmentally friendly), sponge or dish wand, and a dishtowel. If the need arises to do some dishes and you would rather not use an unsanitary bathroom sink to wash your pan or plate a dishpan can easily be filled with water! Simply add some dish soap and use as a kitchen sink (minus the luxury of a drain). The only challenge is finding an acceptable location to pour out your dishwater!


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