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7 Unknown Facts About Truck Drivers


What is typically printed about truck drivers in the media is negative or does little to  dispel the surly, tough truck driver stereotype. The reality is that truckers are a caring group of individuals who give of their time and assets to various charities.

Truckers help other truckers.  Trucker Charity Inc., America’s Compassionate Army is  non profit charity that specializes in helping truckers their families and transportation industry professionals who are in emergency need.  Trucker Charity Inc., are “a group who have decided to devote our lives to helping truckers and all that go with them who have fallen on hard times. This could include the mechanics, waitresses, dock workers and so on.”

Truckers support one another’s families. A Trucker’s Wife is a website designed to provide support, advice or information to trucker’s families.  Visitors of the website can find tips for household budgeting, free e-cards, or support.

Truckers offer other truckers advice. The Keystruckers produce video tutorials on cooking on the road, promote Truckers Agains Trafficking and provide truckers with information about  other ways they can help on their site.

Truckers help connect families. For 7 years, Operation Roger, with assistance of truckers, has helped unite families with their newest 4-legged family members.  Operation Roger pairs up drivers with pet shelters or rescue groups to coordinate the transport of animals. Animals ride in the cab with drivers offering companionship to both driver and animal.

Truckers aid communities after disasters. Truckers for Charity  provides technical assistance, resources and coordination for disasters, emergencies and terrorist attacks. Truckers for Charity is a private organization dedicated to soliciting and coordinating trucks, off-road vehicles, and equipment along with their operators to band together to help Americans during times of disaster.

Truckers raise money for diseases.  Truckers Against Cancer (Formally Convoy for a Cure – USA) is the American version of Convoy for a Cure.  CFAC was founded by Rachele Champagne in 2008 and had the 1st all-female convoy in Canada on Oct. 18.  The organization hopes to raise awareness of  the disease and raised $100,000 in 2009.

Truckers are teachers. Truckers in the Trucker Buddy International program send postcards to classes and teach children about geography and life on the road. The program  pairs up truck drives with elementary schools.  Truck drivers and school children act as pen pals.  Truckers send postcards to classes and teach children about geography and life on the road.

Truckers help those who are less fortunate.  Atlas Van Lines has partnered with the United Way to provide meals, supplies and resources to the needy. In 2010, Atlas Van Lines and its drivers donated more than $100,000 to the United Way.

The trucking community is a caring group of individuals who sacrifice their resources and time away from their families to provide the US with goods and services.  If the media reported on the many great things truckers do, perhaps it would go a long way to dispel the stereotype.


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