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VIDEO: 850 Human Dominos Log World Record


Not everyone can be a world record holder at really common high competition categories as World’s Fastest Human, Highest Mountain Climb, Most Hot Dogs Eaten and Longest Fingernails. These days, you have to get creative at what you’re best at.

So an ambitious group of organizers in Louisiana decided to stage an amazing demonstration for Guinness Book of World Records last week by engineering a record-holding line of human dominos. They assembled 850 people in a convention hall, designed a simple domino tipping diagram, invited the press and hoped for the best.

The group was able to hit the world record winning human domino line on the first try (which was fortunate, given the time it took to set up). They made such an impression on the audience and the press, that this successful attempt made it into ESPN’s Top 10 Moments of the Week sequence on Sports Center.

So…anyone want to buy a slightly-used mattress? Have a look at the incredible attempt, truckers!

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