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A Pennsylvania Trucker’s Pit Stop Pays Off BIG!


A lucky Pennsylvania tuck driver made a pit stop at a Maryland AC&T store in Washington County and walked away with more than he bargained for.

“I was in the right place at the right time,” says the Maryland lottery winner. “I’d never played Million Money Match but the clerk was loading the tickets into her display, as I walked in.  I asked for one and tucked it away.”

The winner says he purchases scratch off tickets while on the road and takes them home for he and his girlfriend to scratch off together. A week later, the driver and his girlfriend scratched the ticket.  To their astonishment, the ticket was a winner, a big winner.  The $20 ticket just won the couple $50,000, which the couple plans to use their winnings to pay off debt.

“We must have gone over the rules of the game at least 10 times before we believed it,” the winner said. According to the Maryland Lottery, five of the  $50,000 winning tickets have already been claimed and 2 more have yet to be won.

Tell us what you’d do with an extra $50,000?


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