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American Trucking Group Announces A Safe Driver Competition


ATG Announces Safe Driver Competition GULFPORT, Miss., Aug 01, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Louis J. Normand, Jr. CEO of American Truck Group, LLC *and its National Truck Funding, LLC affiliate, recently announced the launching of the American Safe Trucker Award.

American Truck Group, LLC is a late model used truck dealer that carries Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Freightliner Class 8 over the road trucks.

American Truck Group and its affiliate have approximately 500 trucks in its “Rent To Buy” fleet, whereby truckers can contract for a truck, regardless of credit problems. At the end of the contract, the trucker has the option of taking title to the truck.

The American Safe Trucker Award will allow each of the “Rent to Buy” truckers to compete. The first place prize will be provided to the trucker who has received no Motor Vehicle violations and had no accident during the 12 month period ending November 2, 2013.

The date of November 2 was selected because it happens to be Normand’s birthday and he said that his being able to honor driver safety would be a perfect birthday present for him.

The First Place Prize will be $1,000; Second Place Prize will be $250 and there will be a Third Place Prize of $100. American Truck Group CEO Louis J. Normand, Jr. will draw names in event of ties.

The Winners will be contacted directly by Normand and offered to visit the dealership headquarters in Gulfport, Mississippi and will be provided with free hotel accommodations and dinner, along with a free oil change if they elect to pick their prizes up in person.

The American Safe Trucker Award is a part of the effort of American Truck Group to recognize the American Trucker and the importance of moving the goods of the United States.

The “No Credit Check” Rent-to-Buy Program ( www.americantruckgroup.com ) has been so successful that it’s caught the eye of many investors wanting to partake in this lending opportunity. When asked just how popular this lending opportunity is becoming, Normand proudly announced that his latest private lender has committed a $7 million line of credit to grow his fleet. This investment opportunity is paying 12%** APR over 48 Months P&I, secured by the truck as an asset with the title perfected, with the investor showing as lien holder and also having physical damage insurance so if the truck is stolen or burns the investor is paid off by the insurance company. He went on to say, that in the future he expects private lending to play an increasing role in economic recovery. In the case of American Truck Group, 700 new drivers will be put on the road. More mechanics will be put in the shop and more freight will move more efficiently across the country. ( www.americantruckgroup.com )

*American Truck Group, LLC is an affiliate company of National Truck Funding, LLC; with American Truck Group, LLC being the dealership and National Truck Funding, LLC owning the fleet of trucks.

**Adjusted by investment

SOURCE: American Truck Group, LLC


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