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Arkansas Truck Drivers To Reap Benefits of Tax Break


Arkansas Truckers To Reap Benefits of Tax Break A $4 million tax break for Arkansas truck drivers goes into effect this week, much to the displeasure of Arkansas Governor Mike Bebe.

“I think that’s wrong. It was wrong when they did it, I still don’t have a good justification or an answer for why they did that. It (the tax cut) is going to go into effect and it shouldn’t and it’s going to be harder to repeal once it’s in effect,” Beebe said.

“I was very disappointed. I worked for like 2-3 days twisting every arm I could twist over there and I couldn’t get it done,” he told the Arkansas Business Journal.

The tax break has been heavily debated.  The House tried to delay the bill until July 1, 2013 but was blocked by the Senate.

Last year, Arkansas voters reauthorized a $5.75 million highway bond program, making the diesel tax increase unnecessary.  The $5.75 million highway bond will help off-set the $4 million loss of revenue to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

Arkansas residents should expect to see the bill reintroduced and debated in January 2013, when the next session begins.


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