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Bald Eagle Injured by Semi Truck Released Into Wild


Truck Driver Strikes Bald Eagle, UninjuredSometimes accidents have happy endings. And it just so happens that the incident has quite an inspiring video to conclude the chapter.

Last month, a semi truck driver was traveling near Fremont, WI when a large bald eagle that was distracted by prey rammed into the truck grill. After the initial shock wore off, the trucker called the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department for assistance. The animal control division was able to extract the bird without further injury before turning the bird over to a specialized animal care group called Feather Rehabilitation.

Pat Fisher, who runs the rehabilitation center in New London, WI says she’s still stunned the eagle survived.

Fisher allowed the eagle to regain his strength in a secluded cage, watching his progress only from inside her home through a camera system. After about a month he was ready to be released. An emotional moment for Fisher. As many of the birds she cares for never make it back to half strength, let alone make it back to the sky.

Here’s the video of the majestic bird’s release last week.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/dTX92UXEcFc” playlist=”Bald Eagle Release Wisconsin” title=”Bald%20Eagle%20struck%20by%20semi%20truck%20released%20into%20wild” width=”450″ height=”320″]


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