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Bendix Issues Recall Notice on Traction Control Valve in Trucks


Bendix LogoBendix notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the issue of a faulty valve on vehicles equipped with its traction control and stability systems on Jan. 26, 2012.The report claimed that it involves vehicles from Paccar, Navistar, and Volvo trucks. The toll free action line is 1-800-478-1793.

“We are working very closely with our customers, the OEs, to resolve the problem, Barbara Gould, manager of communications for Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems. We are working very closely with our customers to address the issue and remedy the situation as rapidly as possible. Estimates point to as many as 50,000 – 60,000 vehicles may meet the recall order.

The issue, Gould stressed, is not a problem with the traction or stability control systems themselves. The affected valve, though, does impact the performance of the vehicle, resulting in pressure building within a service brake circuit. This pressure can cause intermittent or “ in isolated cases “ continuous brake application, Bendix said in a service bulletin on its website.

During the brake application, ABS is still operational and additional service braking is still available, the company noted, adding that the problem could appear as a loss of engine power.

The issue occurs because the ATR-6 valve can leak internally, resulting in the pressure buildup in the service brake circuit. Bendix said this only appears to happen in temperatures at or below 0 deg. F and does not affect every vehicle with the valve.

According to Gould, a temporary fix is available. However, on vehicles with the temporary fix installed, the Bendix Wingman ACB and Wingman Advanced, plus traction control systems and the Bendix ESP system will become disabled. A permanent fix will be available shortly that will allow full use of those systems, the technical bulletin noted.

Bendix is recommending anyone using an affected vehicle bring it in for service as soon as possible.

For more information on how to identify if your vehicle is part of the recall and how to proceed, visit www.bendix.com and technicians will assist you. A Q&A about the issue appears at the Product Action Center along with a toll free action line at 1-800-478-1793. The action line is manned from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET seven days a week.


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