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Buyers Guide: Android Phone Protective Cases


Android Cases for Truck DriversWe reviewed a few tough and affordable iPhone protective cases and battery packs a few days ago. This guide is for some of the best selling cases for popular Android phones, like the Droid, Razr, Samsung Galaxy, HTC EVO 4G, and the smoking new Google Nexus.

Truck drivers rely on their phones so much for their day to day jobs that they may need phone cases that are more protective than just your regular rubber skin. They don’t have to be water-proof necessarily but they have to be tough.

Since there are so many Android Smartphone models available, we thought we would let you begin by phone brand. You can shop by brand in the table below.

HTC Smartphone Protective Cases
Shop HTC Android Phone Cases

Samsung Android Phone Cases
Shop Samsung Android Phone Cases

LG Smartphone Protective Cases
Shop LG Android Phone Cases

Kyocera Android Phone Protective Cases
Shop Kyocera Phone Cases at Amazon

Motorola Android Phone Cases
Shop Motorola Android Protective Cases

Shop Sony Ericsson Phone Cases
Find Sony Ericsson Phone Cases on Sale


Otherwise we have some popular Android phone case models available below. And as usual truck drivers, if you have any questions about outfitting your Android phones with the right case, just ask. We’ll do our best to answer them!


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