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Buyers Guide: Flat Panel TVs for Truck Driver Cabs


TVs for Truck Driver Semi Truck CabsTruck drivers work long hours and need something quick and easy for their downtime entertainment. Turning on the TV and watching some Netflix streaming videos or a Redbox DVD is just about as cheap and easy as you can get. It’s no wonder that truck drivers spend a little extra to make sure that their in-cab entertainment centers are small but powerful.

This week, we’re looking at some mid-sized flat panel TVs that won’t get in the way of the cramped quarters in the truck cab, but have great picture quality and can mount easily in nearly any truck with a sleeper. Don’t worry – we’ve got your budget in mind – we’re featuring flat panel TVs that ring in under $240.

If you have a bigger truck cab sleeper that has more room for a flat panel TV that’s bigger than 22″, you can start your own search for them right here.

You can also search by brand instead:

Enough talk about brands, budgets and big sizes – let’s get to the TVs!

Samsung 22″ 1080p LED TV

LG 22″ LCD TV 720p

Vizio 22″ LED LCD 1080p TV

Coby 24″ LCD with HDMI input

Philips 22″ LED-lit 60Hz TV

RCA 22″ Flat Panel TV 1080p

JVC 720p HD TV

Toshiba 24″ 1080p flat panel HDTV

HDTV Wall Mounts



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