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Buyers Guide: Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Devices


Mobile Internet Access Plans for Truck DriversTruck drivers are always on the go, but they need internet access that’s cheap and reliable. That doesn’t exactly describe most WiFi networks in our nation’s fuel stops. As they say, “Cheap – Strong Signal – Reliable: Pick 2.”

Even if WiFi network access prices seem to be high (and not likely falling), the big telecom companies in North America have stepped up by offering some mobile hot spot devices that are affordable and aren’t tethered to any specific subscription plan. If you start a new voice and data plan, sometimes the providers even toss in the mobile devices for free, so shop carefully.

However, if you already have a data and voice plan you like, many of these mobile devices can be tethered to your networks with a little tinkering. That’s a story for another time though. The big telecom carriers currently offer these affordable plans that incorporate high speed data and mobile hotspots:

For now, have a look at these mobile hotspot devices that will most likely pay for themselves in a few months, given what some fuel stops and hotels charge for their internet access.





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