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Cadec Enhances Driver Performance Scorecards


Cadec Enhances Driver Performance Scorecards For Fleet Managers Drivers, do you ever feel like the theme song to your life is “Every Breath You Take” by the Police?  If you didn’t before, you might if your truck is equipped with the Cadec Driver Performance System or PowerVue.

Cadac Global announced an expanded Performance Management Scorecard. The Scorecard is part of the PowerVue system.  It’s designed to help fleet managers track and report driver and vehicle performance in real time.

The scorecards use  green, yellow and red statuses, giving them the name GYR,  and provide fleet manager with reports on driver behavior based on speeding, over revving, idling or sudden deceleration.

The program offers more than 50 different configurations for fleet managers for real-time management and assessment of speeding, idling, out-of-route miles, unknown or unscheduled stops, average mpg and pick-up and delivery performance.

The information can then be complied into a driver’s scorecard.

“Performance management through advanced scorecarding allows fleets to set company-wide standards, measure effectively against those standards, and modify behavior to improve fleet safety and performance, and reduce excess costs,” said Jon Bernstein, CEO of Cadec.


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