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Caffeinated Jerky: Why Didn’t We Think of That?


Jerky Nutrition for Truck Drivers
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So we wonder – this can’t just be a byproduct from some seedy encounter between Slim Jim and his pet Red Bull, right? There’s got to be more to it than that.

Well, we’re wrong. It really is just caffeine stirred into a tangy and sweet meat marinade.

What’s the big deal about that, you ask? “We don’t know. We’re not scientists,” would be our answer.

Perky Jerky, like many great inventions, was actually developed by accident. In the words of the creators, the story begins with “two jerks in a ski lodge.”

After a night of drinking, fueled largely by energy drink laced cocktails, the guys headed out to the ski lifts to begin their day on the slopes. Excited to get up the mountain, they looked to an open bag of beef jerky as a suitable breakfast. Fortunately for them, some of the energy drink from the previous night had spilled into the open jerky bag. Thus, a strange idea began. Worse things have been invented, we’ll say that.

We’ll also say the version sold in stores these days tastes quite a bit better than the “prototype” version of soggy beef (we have to assume, since only two people tasted the original). Does it taste different than other jerky products? Not much different, no. You won’t get any bitter taste from the Guarana, which is what provides the zip in this salty stew.

So how is the energy boost? Well, it’s not quite a zing, but it’s not a yawn either. Downing a whole bag gives the sense that you just drank two cups of really salty coffee. However, Perky Jerky is able to avoid one of the worst ingredients common in other jerky brands – MSG. It has zero. However, anyone who drives a truck during the day and is fighting high blood pressure should probably stick with a daily dose of iced tea to keep their senses alerted. Even the Turkey Perky Jerky has a large helping of sodium inside. One bag is two servings and has relatively low calories per serving, but packs a whopping 44% of your recommended sodium intake if you finish it.

Otherwise, take a bag on the road with you to keep your metabolism stable and your bathroom breaks to a minimum!

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