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Canada Considering Legalization of Payload Boat Tails


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Originally posted at Truck News online.

OTTAWA, Ont. — The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is lauding a proposal by the federal government that could pave the way for the use of full-size trailer tails in Canada.

Trailer tails, which extend off the rear of the trailer, improving airflow and fuel efficiency, are not yet allowed in Canada, despite proven fuel savings of up to 6%. The devices are increasingly popular in the US, with 10,000 units deployed there. Just this week it was announced a Canadian carrier, Groupe Trans-West, has committed to equipping its entire trailer fleet with TrailerTails from ATDynamics, even though they’ll have to be withdrawn while on Canadian highways.

The company tested the devices and since most of its miles are run in the US, it found the fuel savings were worthwhile even when the tails could only be extended while south of the border.

The proposed regulation, published in Canada Gazette Pt. 1, would allow for the manufacture and installation of extended length boat tails on commercial trailers in Canada, the CTA reports.

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