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CB Politics And The Rabid Activists


CB Politics I don’t discuss politics with anyone outside of my immediate family, and I try not to talk about it with them because it’s a volatile subject no matter who you’re discussing it with. I think aligning yourself with a political party is a lot less important than aligning yourself with the human party, so my personal political beliefs tend to sway both ways and land left of center.

I am willing to listen to anyone with an opinion, as long as they don’t present themselves as a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth zealot of whatever cause they champion.

When we listen to the CB for any amount of time, we always hear the person out there who passionately states their hatred for our current government. They blame everything from fuel prices to deformed babies on the administration, use racial slurs freely and advise everyone listening to take heed. More power to them for being able to state their opinion freely and in a public forum.

They are exercising the exact same right I do when I write and publish my work. But seriously, you can’t believe you’re going to sway the vote of someone undecided by screaming at them. It’s a scientific fact that people turn off when you yell at them. They stop listening. If you want me to believe the sky is falling, then tell me why.

We are blessed with the gift of reason as human beings, that and thumbs are all that set us apart sometimes.

I am a champion for expressing your opinion, I am not a fan of expressing it using hate and fear as a platform.

Have a conversation, articulate your feelings in a thoughtful manner and people will remember what you said, instead of how you said it. Tyrants rule, leaders inspire.


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