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CB Slang Becoming A Dying Art


With the rise of mobile texting and social media apps in trucking, the CB is being used for just a percentage of what it used to. There’s no beating a CB when there’s an immediate and developing incident down the road or sudden inclement weather that requires warning. But like the waning popularity of talking trucker country songs, less drivers are using CBs as their primary outreach for communication.

So it’s unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean that trucker slang has lost its appeal. You just have to keep up on your trucking terms. So our friend Gonzo listed a few of his favorites, just in case you wanted a refresher course.

Ears On: Active CB Radio

Alligator: Tire Treads On The Road

Bear Cop: Police Helicopter

Full Grown Bear: State Police

CB Rambo: Someone talking shit on the CB but won’t do it to your face! (We call them Internet Trolls)

Lot Lizard: Truck Stop Prostitute

County Mounty: County Cop

Bear In A Plain Wrapper: Police Car With No Markings

Picture Taker: An Officer Of The Law Using A Radar Gun

Diesel Bear: DOT Enforcement Cop For Big Trucks

Disco Lights/Bubble Gum Machine: Cop With Emergency Lights On

Feed The Bear: Pay A Ticket/Fine

Mama Bear: Female Cop

Papa Bear: Officer In Charge

Meat Wagon: Ambulance

Super Trucker: A truck with no speed governor hauling ass or driving aggressively.

Good Buddy: While trucking in the 70s it used to mean friend. Now it means homosexual. Replaced by the term Good Neighbor.

Baboon Butt: Kenworth trucks because of the way the front grill looks.

Brake Check: Traffic Is Slow Up Ahead

Freight Shaker: Freightliner

Bull Rack: Livestock Hauler/Turd Hauler

Car Hauler: Parking Lot

Wagon: Trailer/Covered Wagon

Chicken Choker: Poultry Hauler

CFI/Company Truck: Corn Flake

Big E: Estes Truck Lines

Four Wheeler: A Car Or Pickup Truck

Pumpkin Truck: Schneider National

Salt Shaker: Snow Plows

Skate Board: Flatbed Trailer

Suicide Jockey: HazMat or Explosives Hauler

Weiner Wagon: Werner Trucking

Back Door/Front Door: When you’re behind or in front of another truck, the rocking chair is in the middle.

Chicken Coop: Weigh Stations

High Speed Chicken Feed: Drugs Used To Keep You Awake

Joke Book/Cheat Sheet: Log Books

Pickle Park: Rest Area

Schneider Eggs: Orange Construction Barrels

Truck Stop Tommy: A Pimp

Zipper: Painted Lines On The Road

Did we miss any good ones? Let us know! ‘Til next time…


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