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CDL Life Reader Rig Review #4 is Up!


We at CDL Life like to think that we have a loyal reader base. Hundreds of truck drivers interact with us here, on our Facebook page, on our Flickr site and through email.

One of our favorite ways to interact with professional truckers is by asking them to send in pictures of their trucks that they use to transport freight to every nook and cranny of the country. What we got back were better pictures than we ever imagined. The very first Reader Rig Review let us know that you take pride in your ride and you love to show it!

The second Reader Rig Review showed us that you love taking pictures of trucks sitting near amazing landscapes and North American landmarks. We almost wanted to print out a calendar of the quality we observed!

The Third Reader Rig Review gave us bigger and better photos than ever before, from a larger selection of states and regions of the USA. So we had our hopes up for the fourth installment.

Well, we’ll just let this slideshow from our Flickr site speak for itself. Enjoy the pictures from your fellow truck drivers and consider this a “Thank You” and a “Congratulations for a job well done!” ‘Til next time, truckers!


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