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VIDEO: Chalk Guns: Very Modern Chalk Warfare


Chalk Guns Video

The chalk guns video is going viral… Some little boys uses sticks as pretend guns, but the guys in this video use imagination and chalk. What they create is truly amazing– a clash of old and new childhood gun fight– chalk and technology.

This ‘chalk guns’ video just showed up on YouTube and is already becoming an internet sensation.

According their YouTube channel, SoKrispyMedia used computer software including Adobe After Effects to create the visual effects for the chalk guns. Video production software can be very expensive and take hours to learn how to use. But, if you’re in the market for a new hobby, Adobe After Effects and similar software are widely available for purchase.

SoKrispyMedia has a Facebook page where people can go to learn more about the project.

We need to warn you that the ending may be too graphic or offensive to some viewers.



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