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Closer Look: Peterbilt Sentinal Concept Semi Truck


2012 Concept Semi Truck Peterbilt Sentinal
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It’s no secret – truck drivers the world over love Peterbilt semi trucks. They’re built well, they’re powerful, they have retro-futuristic style that continues to please classic truckers and technology hogs from the new century. It seems they’ve done it again.

The Peterbilt Sentinel truck concept is the new American dream long base truck. This project aims to deliver an extravagant and elegant truck with a more luxury touch based from simple structures and shapes. It pleases all types of truckers with its luxury chromed lines, massive classic style for the front grill and modular cab. It could soon be real.

For many people the truck has one purpose, to carry out missions of transporting everything from simple things to complex and heavy loads. For truckers and for many people, trucks are more than just tools for transportation, they are symbols, icons and became family members, talking about their trucks just like about good and reliable friends.

Truck drivers learn to pay attention for details, for customizations adding chromed parts, paint jobs or just simple stuff to make the truck more like a home. The priority of design was to create a classic proportion, an elegant look that combines the quality, comfort and functionality. Peterbilt Sentinel truck concept offers the possibility for customizations, moving further in time the name of Peterbilt.

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Closer Look: Peterbilt Sentinal Concept Semi Truck


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