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Closer Look: Red Giant, America’s Longest Truck


Truck drivers are unique people, so it takes quite a bit to stand out from your normal trucking group. Brian and Denise Dax don’t find that to be a problem. For 30 years, they’ve been on the road in the saddle of the Red Giant, a 93 foot Diamond Reo that turns heads and sends a message.

Diamond Reo Trucks was an American truck manufacturer that formed out of the Diamond T and Reo Truck companies, a division of the White Motor Corporation. Reo dated back to 1904 when Ransom E. Olds, founder of Oldsmobile, began building motor cars. Despite new model introductions through the 60s and an excellent reputation for quality, Diamond Reo was forced into bankruptcy on December 6, 1974.

Red Giant is a 93 foot tractor and trailer setup. The sleeper cab is a home on wheels that takes up about 20 feet and has a list of full amenities including a shower, toilet, entertainment center, and even hardwood floors.

How do they pay to keep this monstrosity on the road? It’s set up to be a rolling billboard with full motion LCD monitors on either side of the sleeper cab. Everywhere the Red Giant goes means people are watching. So some companies will pay big money to get their name and advertisements on the rolling rig.

Want to see a drive by of the big guy? Click the pic to visit the YouTube video of the Diamond Reo Red Giant!


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