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Country Chart Toppers: Ty Stone “Anywhere Better”


Ty Stone is not your average country music star. He’s not particularly handsome, he’s over-weight and he’s a bit awkward on his feet. The quality that keeps country and soul fans coming back to his album “American Style” is the naked baring of an injured soul who can put memorable lyrics and music to his heartbreak.

His rise to stardom is a story that every musician dreams about. He was stuck in a dead-end job flipping burgers in California, writing music that he had hoped would be heard by the right people. That very thing just happened when country-rocker Kid Rock just happened to be in LA for a basketball game, and Stone’s friend built up the nerve to drop Stone’s demo on him. Rock listened, and listened and listened again to Stone’s easy combo of 70s soul, traditional country and bohemian songcraft until he couldn’t allow Nashville to function any longer without the upcoming voice he thought was so unique. He offered to record and produce the young man’s debut album alongside veteran rock producer Rick Rubin, and the rest as they say, is history.

So now we bring it to you, to see if this songwriter passes the trucker test. What do you think of this musician? Let us know!



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