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CTA Study Predicts CA Diesel Prices Over $6 Gal


Diesel Fuel for California Truckers RisesCalifornia has some of the most stringent regulations in North America, especially when it comes to air quality. The California Air Resources Board continually threatens measures designed to punish trucking companies and push the price of marketable goods to new highs. But we’re not even sure transportation industry analysts even saw this coming; diesel fuel prices of nearly $7 a gallon, says a new study.

Higher fuel costs and significant job losses directly attributable to California Air Resources Board’s fuel policies, says a new study by the California Trucking Association. Goods movement and agriculture sectors will be especially hard hit if the policies are allowed to go into effect as currently designed.

The report, titled “The Impact of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Cap-and-Trade Programs on California Retail Diesel Prices” demonstrates the effect that CARB’s regulatory actions will have on the state’s retail diesel future leading to a $6.69 per gallon price tag.

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