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Daily Doh! Man Accidentally Kills 2 Acre Lawn


Man Accidentally Kills 2 Acre Lawn A man in Lake Elmo, Minnesota is feeling a bit green after accidentally turning his lawn brown. Rob Olson went to a local lawn and garden supply store to purchase some weed killer for his 40,000 sq. ft. yard.

After three employees helped Olson select a product, Olson went home and applied Ferti-lome to his yard.

When Olson began to notice his grass dying, he contacted the lawn and garden store he purchased the “weed” killer from, only to learn he had bought the brand that kills not only weeds, but grass.  To make matters worse, Olson will be unable to plan new grass seed or lay sod for at least six months.

Olson told KFMY News that he blames Ferti-lome more than he blames the lawn and garden store, because he believes the makers should have a warning on the front of the bottle, like other brands do, that warns users not to apply the product to lawns.


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