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Daytona Bike Week in the 70s


Harley Davidson Daytona 70sSince we spend a lot of time in the summer informing truck drivers of fun gatherings, custom bike and car shows, truck competitions and jamborees, we decided to take a look into the past. Man, did we find a good haul. If you like classic bikes, cars and ladies, this could be a fun ride for you.

There was a time when Bike Week in Daytona wasn’t actually called “Bike Week.” Old school riders simply knew that kindred spirits would be in the city for a few special days during the summer. It meant that the riders you saw didn’t just kick the starters on the weekend, they were true nomads. It meant that you were going to meet some of the best in metal chopping, pinstriping, custom car and truck drivers, and some people who kept you on your toes with the threat of real danger. They did it outta love instead of the hype.  And the boobs were real (Yes, we should warn you that there are some pics of some true free flying ladies in this).

During the freewheeling times of the 70s, you could still park your car, truck or cycle on the beach and sleep in front of the fire. You could stay up all night in public places and make fast friends. Even the boardwalk dance halls would stay open later to keep the boots clomping until the liquor ran dry. It was a special time and place that unfortunately has been co-opted by corporate showmanship, lifestyle accessory marketers and energy drink doofuses.

If you can’t get the slideshow below to begin, just visit this link for the whole thing.

Either way, peer into the looking glass past with this nostalgic slideshow of bikes, babes, roughnecks, suds and smoke. Enjoy, truck drivers!


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