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Dog with Opposable Thumbs Decides to Snack


Dog with Thumbs Gets TreatsSometimes we put up some industry news that truck drivers can use, sometimes we just see something so clever and cute we can’t help but share. This falls into the latter category.

Bizzle is an American Bulldog (so the video maker claims) and weighs in at an impressive 130 lbs. Since he’s only two years old at the time this video was shot, it’s probably safe to say that he’s even bigger these days. Bizzle is owned (and fed) by Guy Jenkins, who said he had an idea for the video after he saw the professionally produced viral video of Two Dogs in a Diner. So he got his girlfriend to tape his little experiment with Bizzle and the dog’s favorite people snack.

Guy was content to just post this video on his Facebook page for his friends to chuckle at, but his friend worked for an internet news aggregate called Meme Machine and convinced Guy that the video would be a smash hit. He was right.

To date, the original video of Bizzle Gets Some Dunkers has earned more than 4 million views on YouTube, but there are also countless duplications running around with millions of more views. Guy Jenkins said that Bizzle only needed a couple of tries to get the performance we see out of him here. The hardest part of shooting was keeping the massive puppy on his lap the whole time. That’s a lot of stress on your legs!

Anyway – enjoy the vid truck drivers! Be sure and drop some photos of your special pets on our Facebook wall this week. Our next installment of Truck Driver Pets is coming soon!


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